Blackhead remover that actually works?

Every blackhead remover/toner/any type of cleanser I use just won't get rid of my blackheads. Every part of my face is smooth except for those pesky things covering my nose. Anyone have success with one?

Re: Blackhead remover that actually works?

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Honestly,  the only thing I know of that removes them is the Biore nose strips.  But I feel you should use those, and then add a good preventative scrub like the one mentioned below. I love PTR and that scrub is amazing. 

Re: Blackhead remover that actually works?

Hi Cormasaurus7,


I suggest using something with glycolic acid. It will help remove deep oil and dirt and it helps resurface the skin. The beads in this scrub are also very fine and I've noticed a huge difference in clarity and blackheads.


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