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i have been using a regular cleanser and 10% benzoyl peroxide toner and light weight moisturizer to control acne but the spots are just not going away like they used to with this regimen i think that if i used the proactive extra strength formula at night and then subbedin a different moisturizer in the day my skin might clear up faster and stay clearer because of the extra benzoyl peroxide. What do you think?

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Personally proactive did more harm than good to my skin:smileysad:its a really harsh formula! I tried skinID and am forever hooked:smileyhappy: best acne medication I've tried!! Definitely recommend:smileyhappy:

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I also tried Proactiv with disastrous results. My worst acne was during the time I used Proactiv. I don't know how it would work for you, but with my personal results I can't say I'd recommend it.
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