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i have oily/combination/sensitive skin type and i break out so easily! ive been tried out so many name brands skin care(for acne treament). and end it up not working. i think i used most of brand names that i can think of. im still using murad acne treatment #2(its my second tube.)- but its too expensive for 0.5fl.oz ($18):smileysad:


is there any acne treatment that works like WONDERS? get rid of in few days or so??

it doesnt have to be in sephora. can be in other stores that i can find easily:smileyhappy:


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The only thing i can think of is using toothpaste. I know it might sound weird but i have skin exactly like yours and after cleansing my face everynight i put on some toothpaste where i have acne then moisturize then in the morning my face looks so much better. Hope that helped. :smileywink:

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