i popped a pimple and it turned red and got swollen. how do i take away the redness and swelling?
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I just need to know if theres any cream or some kind of home remedy to make the redness and swelling go away overnight. THANKS

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ice :smileyhappy: 

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If you're going to pop a pimple (or if one happens to drain on it's own) you want to do your best to kill the bacteria that's being released from under your skin to prevent it from spreading and causing further breakouts. I would make sure wash the area well and then apply either benzoyl peroxide (which you can get in a variety of strengths at any drugstore), or a natural anti-septic product. I find that benzoyl peroxide can be irritating to the skin though, which might make your problem worse. Personally, I have Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop that I use to dry up pimples and to reduce redness/inflammation. Another of my favorite acne products is made by LUSH Cosmetics and is called Grease Lightning and it works wonders.

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Home remedies: Ice will help reduce the swelling and Preparation H gel will also help keep the swelling down.

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I always have that issue especially with big pimples. I love using Origins Super Spot Remover Acne Treatment Gel because it uses salicylic acid and not benzoyl peroxide, which irritates my skin. And whenever I use this spot treatment, it covers the pimple, so all that pus and gunk doesn't leak out (sorry for the mental picture). This makes it great if you're layering a moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup over it. Initially, I was skeptical about this treatment because there was this tingling feeling, but it's just a sign that it's working. I hope this helps and good luck!

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Lately I've been using advil liquid gels to help bring down the redness and swelling in pimples.  I just take a capsule, pop it with a safety pin, and apply a little dab to the troublesome spots.  It really helps with the redness and inflammation, and it's so easy.


Another spot treatment I really like is Boscia's Willow Bark Breakout Treatment


Boscia - Willow Bark Breakout Treatment


Lastly, it seems like when I use my Josie Maran Argan oil, the redness and puffiness of my spots seem to go down.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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