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hows josie maran vibrancy argan oil foundation my skin is oxidized pls help
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I have so so many clogged pores on my face and I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know how I can get rid of them? I just started a new skincare routine today: 1) Simple Micellar Water 2) Clean & Clear Pore Cleansing Face Wash 3) Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner 4) Hydrating Serum 5) Moisturizer ---- any thoughts on that? 
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From personal experience, results are best if you stick to one brand of skincare. If your skin isn't in good shape, makeup usually won't do too much to help unfortunatel... see post
Cosmetic Survey by Thomas Jefferson University Dermatologists
Hello, my name is Dr. Nazanin Saedi. I am a cosmetic surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University’s Department of Dermatology & Cutaneous Biology.    Our research study consists of asking you questions about cosmetic services. The purpose of this study is to help inform physicians about patient preferences.  We estimate that this will take less than  5 minutes  of your time to complete. This anonymous survey is strictly educational. As an academic research center, we are not affiliated with any specific product or company.   Please click the following link to get started:   We thank you for your time in completing this survey!
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Kat Von D Lock it Foundation: If I am about a deep 74 in the liquid foundation, what am I in the powder foundation?
Last time I brought the wrong powder foundation. The liquid deep 74  is a bit orange on me, if it had more of a "yellowish undertone" it would have been perfect(I believe).
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What are the best products for fading dark acne scars? They are darkly pigmented and have left texture on my skin. I am extremely pale so they are very prominent on my skin.
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Contour kit for Acne skin type
Hi girls, so I recently found out i've got acne ( sad face!! ) and i'm 18 19 this year and how found I am limited to what makeup products i can use on my skin. I normally only use Clarins products as they're plant based and my skin lovesss their products! I'm wondering what contour kit, cream and powder would be best for my skin due to being prone to acne...please help answer my question all advice and best products is appreciated! <3   I won't use Anastasia's contour kits due to having heard it can be known to break you out into spots
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dr. brandt overnight resurfacin​g serum or Exfolikate intensive treatment?
I've got mild acne and some DEEP acne scars.  when the new acne fades it leaves light pink scars for a few weeks but fade with time. I basically want something that will help diminish the deeper scars over time (I know it will take FOREVER and I've looked into laser treatments, but for the next year or so I'm trying exfoliators), will help fade the newer scars faster and will do SOMETHING for the deeper scars, as they're probably impossible to get rid of without some sort of laser or filler treatment.   Thoughts?
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makeup problem
HI there! I'm a G80 in foundation but I'm having trouble finding the correct color for the item Tarte Amazonian clay. I don't know if the color Deep Sand or Deep Honey is the correct color for my skin tone.
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Facial self tanners sensitive skin
I know this question has been asked a lot, but I would love some recent responses as a lot of them on here are old, possibly new(er) products. What self tanners for face for pale-ish skin do you recommend? Not ghostly pale but definitely fair skinned. I have a tendency to break out a lot so no oils. Would prefer spray or wipes maybe?? Anybody have suggestions? Thank you!!!
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Acne scar product that will NOT fade freckles?
Does anyone know of a good product for the treatment of acne scars that will not affect freckles? Open to any and all suggestions!
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Q. Clinique Turnaround Peel?
I'm debating on trying the Clinique Turnaround Radiance Peel set for my cystic acne red hyperpigmentation. I have fair skin that is slightly sensitive, and responds pretty well to salicylic acid. Any advice with this peel/other peels for this issue would be appreciated. Thanks! 
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olay dark spot corrector
Was wondering if anyone has ever tried Olay pro x dark spot corrector?
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Help linking Beauty Insider card with online account
My in store purchases and points are not showing up online, please help!
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Sarahhrc / RISING STAR / replied
I am going through the same issue, i have been using my beauty insider card a few times now and it says i have 0 points.  see post
Between the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask and Purifying Mask, which is better for blackheads?
I love Caudalie products and have been debating between these two masks for a while. My deciding factor is going to be whichever one of the two will be better for dealing with blackheads. 
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Oily/Dry Skin, Acne breakouts and skin discoloration! Help!
I recently moved to an area with a dry climate. My face goes from oily to dry throughout the course of a week. I also have been breaking out more. I sleep, eat well and this was not a prior issue with my skin. I was using Murad products and it worked for some time, but I am breaking out again and developing dark spots (from acne). Certain brands of interest: Murad, Clinique, Kate Somerville, Ole Henriksen... any advice on which of these brand and specific product would be best for my situation? [Specifcally, (for daily routine use) & to get rid of acne scarring or dark spots.   Thank you!! 
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D&G Perfect Finish Powder Foundation
I'm a 030 medium beige in Dior Capture Totale foundation...what would be my best match on the D&G foundation perfect finish powder foundation?
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i need help please! i cant figure out how to chose my shade BUT BEFORE I DO IS THIS A GOOD ONE FOR ACNE LAURA MERCIER FLUIDE FOUNDATION?
i am in the finishing process of picking out my color with laura merciers smooth finish flawless fluide foundation and i cannot pick my color for the life of me. i have acne scars so i have red dots all around but under that im sort of medium with light undertones? i have no clue please help me. thank you so much !
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Face Masks for Cystic Acne
Hey all,   Can anyone recommend a face mask available at sephora that is geared towards skin types that get cystic acne? thanks
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foundation help
Don't give up if something you want is out of stock, just try and try again! What OOS items have you seen surprisingly come back?
I was planning on getting Sephora Favorites Lash Stash with the $25.00 off coupon. It was in my cart, but I didn't get a chance to place the order right away. Came back next day.........GONE!!   So, naturally I did what any reasonable grown woman would do. Yes, I whined, stamped my feet, pouted and nearly drowned myself in tears! Yes, I had a good old hissy-fit! (Well, I wasn't that  bad.......but I was so mad at me and did pout a lot and whine to myself a bit.)    But I persevered, just like that little old ant that thought he could move a rubber tree plant. I too had "High Hopes"........well, maybe more like medium-ish hopes, to be honest. Well, guess what..........this ant moved her rubber tree plant! I kept checking obsessively and it came back in! ( B riefly  - not even long enough for me to post that it was back)   So don't lose hope - keep trying! I hope lots of others will have the same success and wonderful feeling that I had. Does anyone else have success stories to share? Or maybe tips/tricks for getting/stalking something when it say completely OOS?   Maybe if we know someone really wants something and we see it come back in we can sound the alert to our buds. In a dedicated thread? Kinda' iffy maybe. Maybe PM, Text, email? Depending on how much info we share with others. What do you think? Reminds me of when  beautytester **chicdabbler** did the same for me a long ways back when she gave me a heads up about a Disney Compact in the Trade thread. I got Ariel AND Cinderella and two very good friends, which was the best part of all. 💜 Thanks again chicdabbler. 😊   "Oops, there goes another rubber tree plant!" 😉   P.S. - If you don't know that song.......well, that could mean.....I have lipsticks older than you! 😭 This started on such a positive note......😭 No, kidding. But it is a fun song and a good example. So move some rubber tree plants everybody! 😀   (sorry, Team Long Post moment)
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Lost love list
Okay, is it just me or has anyone else been unable to access their love list lately? If I click on the ❤, it takes me to the mobile page and I'm signed out. Sign in, but still no go. If I go to my basket it shows the mobile basket, where you can't view samples or love list like normal. Is it my tablet? Been trying over and over, even if sign out and all Sephora tabs closed.   Any ideas? So frustrating.
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