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Foreo Luna? Which One to Buy and What you think about it!
I have oily, acne prone skin, with moderate acne. I have pale skin that gets red really easily and its a little dull . I'm looking for a product that will completely change my skin. Hoping this product will do it. I've heard good things about it but I don't know if it will address my skin concerns. I have used the Clarisonic off and on for about 3 years, but I am only 14, so when I started using the clarisonic, my skin was naturally getting worse . I feel my skin is nice after I wash my face with the clarisonic but it doesn't do anything to it to help much. If i buy the Foreo Luna, which one should I get? My skin isn't super sensitive and I have a hard time telling if my skin is combination or oily, but i think its oily. It gets a little dry on the per meter of my cheeks and around my chin. Also in consideration, is the clinique Brush but I don't feel very strong about it. Any recommendations from people who have a similar skin type, have used this product, or have any other experience with a great cleansing brush! Thank You all! Spoiler (Highlight to read)    
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Cover FX Blemish Treatment Concealer
Has anyone tried this? It's fairly new, and my local SiJCP raves about it and they sell out whenever they get some in.   Tried to get one during the sale, but almost all the colors were sold out. Now N Medium is back in stock but trying to decide between N Medium and G Medium.   TIA! -P388701?keyword=COVER%20FX%20Blemish%20Treatment% ...
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Bad breakouts (stress?)
When I was in high school, after trying everything else, I started taking accutane for my breakouts. The acne was cured, although I continued to use mineral makeup and wash my face with Neutrogena's grapefruit acne scrub. I am now a sophmore in college, and I am starting to break out once again. Im not sure if it is due to stress or hormones (I recently stopped taking the pill due to some heart issues that are easily complicated by the pill). What treatments do you recommend to help clear acne? My skin is not oily nor is it dry. I have actually recently switched to Tarte's amazonian clay foundation and Cover FX's acne primer. In addition, I have used fake up concealer by Benefit. Do these products typically cause acne (especially the concealer?) I want the problem to go away, I dont want to continue to hide it.
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Clarisonic Smart Profile now available! 1669183
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A dupe of the Clairsonic Mia? LOL
Just stumbled on this gem on the Sasa website. It bears a striking resemblance to something else we're familiar with.....   I guess the plus is that it comes with batteries! ;D
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FYI--Great deals!
Happy Friday! I just saw on QVC that they have a set of 3 Clarisonic replacement brush heads for 44.00!  (Look under "Friday Night Beauty") Also, the Todays' Special Value is a nice Clarisonic Plus kit with body brush attachment and a 3-piece Bliss Skincare set. I don't remember the exact price, but worth checking out.  
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calamine lotion for acne and redness
Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been using calamine lotion on my face after I cleanse and tone nightly for about 4 months now. My skin's redness has greatly decreased and it acts like a spot treatment as well. My face is softer, smaller pores, smoother. I got the idea because I had tried Kate Somerville's Eradikate and thought it was too pricey and calamine lotion looks the same lol.   Check it out It's about $9 for a bottle that will last you months. I bought mine in December and still have it. I use about a tsp daily so it will last forever.
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Found a great adult acne controller!
I had this recommended by one of the cast mates at my Sephora. It works wonders! It's called DERMAdoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Medicated Acne Control Serum, and let me tell you, one week and my skin is clear. And it doesn't irritate my skin. I have been searching high and low, so I am thrilled!  
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Q. Was Murad's Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement recently reformulated?
I just picked up these vitamins about a month ago from an online order.  I was in my local Sephora the other day and noticed that the bottles in the store had stickers on them that said something along the lines of "NEW" or "Now Even Better", I can't remember exactly.   So....does anybody know what's up with this?
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Hormonal acne? Post partum breakouts
I just gave birth 3 months ago, so I feel like they are connected. I'm getting the under-the-skin bumps. Not red or painful. No head to pop or anything. Just super annoying bumps. What do I do? I am considering Philosophy Clear Days Ahead or maybe the Clarisonic Acne cleanser. Any tips??
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Q. Re: Bumble and Bumble with brazilian blowout?
what should i use for my acne
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What is Acne? Causes and Treatment options for Acne
Those people who have acne their dead skin cell get mix with sebum(oil) which is produced by the skin and plug up hair follicles in the skin. The Bacteria grows in hair follicles causes irritation in the skin. Acne starts at teen age when the oil glands makes more sebum.To know more visit itions-issues-f11/what-acne-causes-and-treatment-o ...
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What is Acne? Know the causes and treatment options
Those people who have acne their dead skin cell get mix with sebum(oil) which is produced by the skin and plug up hair follicles in the skin. The Bacteria grows in hair follicles causes irritation in the skin. Acne starts at teen age when the oil glands makes more sebum. To know more visit itions-issues-f11/what-acne-causes-and-treatment-o ...
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Q. Gerovital Acne
Hello. One of the best Acne treatment is Gerovital Acne.
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