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Yucky Blackheads :(
Hey y'all because I got amazing answers on here before I have decided to come back and ask another question.   What is the best way to remover those nasty blackheads that are on your nose and chin area??  I have little tiny blackhead on my nose/cheek/chin area that I cant seem to get rid of. I do a glamglow mud mask like once a week and use face wash every day and night. Help I am stuck and I am really tired of looking in the mirror and seeing blackheads all the time, its like you can play connect the dots on my nose and its pretty gross.   Any advice is appreciated  
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BEAUTY PRO beautyaddict99 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
I like light (regular) exfoliation using something like Peter Thomas Roth's peel pads for maintenance. If there are stubborn blackheads, I would steam my face and then c... see post
Asian, with acne prone, sensitive, oily skin... HELP?
Hi! I'm 25 years old, Asian American (Vietnamese specifically). History of my skin: I had to get on Accutane by 6th grade.... anyways, skin was mostly clear throughout until college when I went off of BC at ~19 years old.   Skin went crazy, now it is still crazy at 25. Here are products I've been using:   PURPOSE Gentle Cleanser First Aid Beauty Facial Moisturizer NARS Sheer Glow in Santa Fe Occasionally NARS translucent powder   SO, now being summer I need something darker than Santa Fe..and something better at controlling oil. Because 2-3 hours after putting on my makeup, my face is a grease ball.   I tried the NARS LUMINOUS (also in Santa Fe) which was absolutely 110% gorgeous. Coverage was amazing. Didn't need concealer like with Sheer Glow.   EXCEPT the staying power for Luminous was terrible. Ok here's the thing...when I jumped in the pool it stayed relatively well. But when my greasy face got greasy... the foundation just turned into pools. See attached photo...can you see the foundation slipping off? It was especially gross if I itched my face and all the foundation ended up underneath my nails...   Anyways, staying power sucked AND on top of that, it would make me break out!! Just what I need to add to my problems!     So now I need some help and suggestions! I have lots of acne scarring/pigmentation, redness, and a few breakouts all over (mostly chin/jaw... now spreading to my cheeks but I thikn that's because of the Luminous).     HELP!!!!!!!!!!        
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jessielee26 / FRESH FACE / replied
i've had pretty similar acne problems too most of my life. i went into Sephora to get my makeup done one day and the kinds of foundation I was used to using were doing t... see post
Best tom ford lippie?
hey guys I am in Canada and recently found out that holt renfrew is near me and also that they carry Tom Ford.....I want to get my first Tom Ford lipstick and I want it to be either really unique or one that is well loved.....if anyone has pics of lip swatches they want to post or just advice of what i should try in store it would be really helpful!! ....also the  SA said that they dont carry the lips and boys but that she might be able to order them.. thanks!!!
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I have light-medium skin with pink undertones... I called my Tom Ford counter and they said they didn't have it in stock but they could order it for me from another stor... see post
Looking for a good facewash
Help!!! I have a lot of acne on my face and was wondering what facewash would be good to use that wont dry out my skin.
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I believe that the Sephoras inside JCPennys have a box that's a collection of cleansers if you want to try a few things to find what will work for you. (Someone correct ... see post
help i have eczema?
I eczema but its on the right side of my neck but my doctor told to use cortisone-10 but is there any else I use instead for it or should I keep using cortisone-10 instead?
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Hi jemfan. I understand how annoying eczema is (I suffer from it too, esp in cold weather or after intense exercise). Your doc would be the best person to recommend trea... see post
Help! I'm looking for a good product to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris on my face!
I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and I've found something to take care of that. However, I have it on my forehead and have no idea how to get rid of it! My skin is relatively dry, acne-free with the occasional whitehead, and somewhat sensitive (it gets red easily). I worked for a company for 2 years that sells skincare so I have a decent amount of knowledge on skincare, but I still haven't found anything good for the KP on my face. Help please? I don't really have a price range.   Thanks!
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I love AHA/BHA peels for my face! It really helps keep my KP at a minimum. DDG peels are my fave. I use both the daily ones and the weekly medi-spa ones.    Keep in mi... see post
Amazing Experience at My Local JCP Sephora Little Rock
I just wanted to take a moment to send my praises to JCP Sephora in Little Rock! Had an awesome experience today! I was in a rush to pick up some Murad Clarifying Wipes on my lunch break. I was treated wonderfully and had a great time engaging in casual conversation with the cast members. I told them I was leaving for a beach vacay and asked for samples at checkout. The lady surprised me with a TON of samples, mostly geared towards SPF protection! Just check out all my goodies! I mostly purchase online, but that will definitely change! Thank you so much, JCP Sephora!!!
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YAYYY for awesome experiences :) see post
Dior Diva?
Any Dior Diva's out there? Willing to share your Dior "stories"?   Hello!! Earlier this summer, I had my first exposure to Dior products at my local Dillard's. I was interested in looking at just the Dior Addict lipsticks, but was informed by the woman at the counter that my makeup was just not working for me. Truly, she was polite and diplomatic. The prior statement is my summary. lol. So I let her remove my makeup and from scratch, apply full skin care and makeup. I explained to her that I would only consider a foundation that was full-coverage, because of my breakouts. She spent time talking to me about what I could do to help my skin, not just cover my problems. She told me about her husband, who had suffered from breakouts, and how, when she started working for Dior, she started a skin care routine on him, and how amazingly it worked for him. Long story short, I walked out with a laundry list of recommended products. I went back about a month later, during a Dillard's special event, and this same amazing woman walked through everything with me again, spending a good hour with me. She was so personable and I truly felt like she believed in the products and wanted to help me achieve the best skin possible.   Fast forward and I'm faithfully using the following products, which are doing wonders for my skin, applied in this order:   After washing my face: Step 1: At night: Gentle Toner In the morning: Purifying Toner (Oh - I'll use the Murad acne treatment to spot treat) Step 2: CT One Essential. I use this in the morning and at night. For the rest of the products that follow, I only use them in the morning. Step 3: CT Serum (Concentre Multi- Perfection). Should I also use this at night? Step 4: Moisturizer (NOT yet using Dior as I am finishing up other products) Step 5: CT Dreamskin (Soin Anti-Age Global Createur De Peau Parfaite) Step 6: Pore Minimizer (Skin Refining Matte Primer). I am not sure I see the value in this item as a primer.... So!! My questions for you all:   Dior Diva program: A) Have you actually signed up for the Dior Diva program through Dior? If so, how do you submit your original Sephora receipts? The receipts that come in the shipping boxes do not provide $ amounts. I was thinking that I could add a copy of my online receipts, which do include prices. B) What gift items have you selected with your points? Any recommendations? Regrets?   Skin Care: A) What kind of skin do you have? I have oily, breakout prone skin. And I'm 40 so I've got some aging starting. Blah! B) What products do you use? C) What order do you apply them? D) Do you have any recommendations or suggested changes to the what I am using/how I am using them? E) Did the line transform your skin?   Makeup: A) Do any of you typically need fuller coverage foundation and if so, have you been successful with Dior's foundation? I have a brand new one I haven't opened because I have found, via using samples, that the coverage is just too light for my needs. I bought the Capture Totale Foundation and I happen to be color #31. B) Did use of the Dior concealer provide the coverage you need for skin issues? It's on my list of items from the Dior counter, but I haven't purchased it, yet.   Thank you!! I know I "talk" a lot on my posts. 😛    
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I just redeemed my first Dior Diva Rewards!   I received them around 2 weeks after I mailed my receipts (faster than I expected!).   Most of my receipts were printed... see post
I heard JEM THE MOVIES makeup is coming out sometimes in October or is it to early to ask & I dark circles under my eyes my concelor color is nude on covergirl makeup but which one from Sephora ?
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There is no reason for any user to be mad at you for the make up in reference to the animated series or even the live-action movie coming up.   Or are you stating you ... see post
recomendation on day cream for acne prone skin
recomendation on day cream for acne prone skin for my 16yo daughter- combination skin- Murad acne dried her skin out
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Hi Pinkie24xo,   I'd suggest boscia's Clear Complexion Moisturizer or belif's Oil Control Fresh Moisturizer. Both of these are lightweight moisturizers that are very... see post
JEMS makeup?
I just want to know to when this summer are you going to announce about JEMS makeup -JULY OR AUGUST  I just want to know?
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Per the below thread, Sephora's launching the collection in October: see post
Problem Skin!! HELP
My skin is a constant stressor for me....Oily/Acne Prone/Large Pores/Sensitive...As far as makeup,  I am currently using Clinique concealer, Hourglass Foundation & Clinique stay matte sheer pressed powder just to touch up if needed. I have tried so many different kinds of foundation.... -Clinique Acne Foundation -Hourglass Foundation (seems okay) -Tarte Amazonian Clay -Makeup Forever HD -Physicians Formula -Clinique Even Better Foundation ......just to name a few I have also tried some from Origins & Aveda which seem to have no coverage and instantly melt off my face. I need something with good coverage that doesn't make me look greasy!!!    As far as a cleansing routine, I use Clinique liquid soap in the morning, Clinique Clarifying Lotion, Clinique Stay-Matte Hydrator Moisturizer.  To remove makeup, I use the Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser. then wash with the Clinique liquid soap. I also have a Clarisonic but I don't use that all the time.  I prefer more gentle cleansers versus acne specific cleansers/lotions/etc. because those seem to irritate my skin. I have done Accutane (more than once), seen multiple dermatologists; however, I still haven't found a solution.     At this point, I don't care about costs as long as I can find something that works.  Trying things then having to take them back is a constant pain.  I am thinking I need to try a different cleansing regiment as well as look into different makeup options...any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
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IT GIRL glosslvr / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
I have similar skin and here is what works best for (and this has taken years to figure out so I feel your pain!):   Makeup: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Seru... see post
Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation vs nars? which do you prefer?
I really liked Luminous Silk, the finish was gorgeous, but unfortunately it made me break out in tiny little bumps where I never break out. see post
Peter Thomas Roth Products / Preventing Blemishes?
Hey there everyone! I'm going to try and include as much as I can so you guys can help me out, I'm in a slump.   My skin is combination, it's only oily in the T-Zone. I do wear makeup but I'm very careful about what kind of stuff I put on my face, and I cleanse at night to make sure I remove all of it. As for acne, it's not really acne really, but I usually have at least one or two blemishes on my face at all times, whether it's just clogged pores or a smaller blemish. I also have red post-acne marks that are slowly fading. I'm using birth control to help with those hormonal ones and it helps for the most part.   Currently my skincare routine is: Morning Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Cleanser (it's really gentle, I use it both morning and night) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion   Night Garnier Clean Sensitive Makeup Wipes Aveeno Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Cleanser Clinique Clinical Clearing Gel (on spots, thin layer all over as well) and on dry spots I'll use the moisturizer again.   My skin isn't particularly sensitive, but I don't want to upset it so I go for gentler products (except the gel, I use the harsher stuff at night). I'm also a student that works part-time so I don't mind spending 50-60 on a product I know is going to work, but I don't want to buy a ton of different products- you know? I've learned less is more.   Anyway- so far I've been looking at a few PTR products to help me prevent any more blemishes from showing up. I've been looking at the Therapeutic Sulfur Mask, AHA/BHA Acne Clearing Gel, and the Glycolic Acid 10% Hydrating Gel.     I'm also open to other products/brands! Thanks for any advice.   EDIT: I'm now wondering if I should be using a cleanser or moisturizer with acne-fighting ingredients, or a mask, to try and prevent and just use a spot treatment? I'm not sure. I don't want to overload my face with products.
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If you get a chance try visiting Sephora and getting a sample of each so you can try them out and see which one would work best for you. see post
Sensitive with breakouts and a clairisonic
My skin is very sensitive and breaks out very easily.  I have been using a clairisonic and since ive been using it my skin has got better, although I am still using a drugstore cleanser.  I am needing something to help clear up my skin while still being gentle enough for my sensitive skin and to use with my clairisonic.  Any suggestions?
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I've had the same experience.  I like a really gentle cleanser and then use prescriptions to treat and prevent my acne.  I'll also second Aczone.  It's awesome.  I use t... see post
Hi I can't find my 10% off VIB coupon that I just got with my Welcome Kit?
The code is V436CB for online purchases. To make an in-store purchase you can also show them a copy of the email you got with the 10% off barcode. This can only be ... see post
I never thought I would go back...
Over the last few years I have started to develop an insatiable obsession with beauty products (much to my husbands dismay). It started with youtube videos that left me wondering "hmmm... what if..." and developed into an obsession that brought me to the container store almost every weekend to find a new "keep all" to organize it in. I'll be honest - I started with Ulta, reached Platinum Status and found out later all of the fabulous perks that Sephora offered, leading me to Rouge Status. I am now one of those crazy people who checks my sephora app for new rewards posted at least 5 (okay - maybe 10-15) times a day. Yes, I've read and followed you beauty adventurers enough to know that they USUALLY only update those perks around 5am, IF they do, but still, a girl can dream... After "achieving" Rouge Status I have noticed a drastic decline in quality rewards and promos and really am starting to resent and regret my decision to stick with Sephora for all of my recent purchases. I have been tuning into each of your conversations and feeds regarding awesome deals (yes - I'm a Beauty Insider "stalker", not responder or starter until now) - I have found that the grass is starting to look greener. I just placed an order with Ulta today for over $150 for items that I have been on the fence about trying, but due to their recent enhanced promos and (as always) bonus points, leading to savings on future orders I couldn't resist. I know I am rambling, but what I am trying to get at is that I wonder if as VIB and Rouge VIB statuses we have been lured into something that is no longer fruitful, or perhaps Sephora's marketing and product team is taking a summer nap? Just my thoughts.
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It's not your fault; it's mine.  I am too verbose and am working on simplifying.  I constantly edit this, but I hope this is my least confusing program description.    ... see post
eye liner
Does anyone have a suggestion for an eyeliner that is long-wearing, doesn't smudge/run/fade throughout the day, with high pigmentation? I use it under my lashline underneath my eye.  NARS larger than life long-wear liner is pretty good, but I wish there were more colors. Some colors still run and don't last all day. So, I was hoping for another suggestion to try. **If anyone has a recommendation for something for under my eye so mascara and eyeliner are less likely to run onto that area, that would be great too!
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For a liquid eyeliner Jesse's Girl makes an amazing one, especially for the price.  There is also a 20% coupon code"IPSYMAY2015" with free shipping with a $20 purchase u... see post
Help me with my skin!
Back story: Ever since I hit puberty I have had pretty bad acne and oily skin (not at all combo, just straight up oily all my face, chest, and upper back). When I was 19, I started taking birth control for 4 years (to help my severe cramps that would hurt so bad I would vomit, shiver, and not want to breath, making me miss work, which I couldn't afford). While on birth control my acne minimized dramatically, but I still had acne problems. If that makes sense. A year ago, I got off birth control. Right when I hit the one year mark (April) I seemed to have gotten all my acne problems back. I'm assuming at that point any remaining hormones from birth control that was left in my body was completely gone and my natural hormone levels brought my acne back. In the middle of June, I used a Neutrogena makeup cleansing wipe for 2 days and on the 3rd morning my face was covered in tiny acne bumps in addition to my larger cystic pimples! It's now almost July and my skin still has those smaller pimples, especially on my cheeks and chin! I am getting married next month and need these stupid things to go away!   Skin type: Oily (Not combo at all) Sensitive (I literally fear using different skincare products other than what I usually use because I break out so easily - but my skin isn't clear, so I need to try something new) Acne prone   Current skincare: Morning: Cleanser - Neutrogena "Complete Acne Therapy System"; Moisturizer - La Fresh Group "Good Day" Night: Cleanser (with Clarisonic deep pore brush head) - Same as morning; Serum - Drunk Elephant " Glycolic Night Serum"; Moisturizer - La Fresh Group " Good Night"   Help!
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BEAUTY GURU desertdancer / BEAUTY GURU BEAUTY GURU / replied
I wish everyone woman knew about Spironolactone.  Most acne on women is hormonal and this medicine is on the $4 drug list.  It take at least a month to work, so I would ... see post
dont know hair brunet or auburn?
I don't know my hair color is its brown with red in it is it auburn or brunet please tell me?
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Photo? Natural or color treated? My "natural" color is brown/brunette and when I try to highlight it goes red/orange. (not a flattering color on me)  see post
Let's talk about oils!
Hyo BTalkers!   I open a new post here to talk about oils, facial ones and body oils, your toughts, uses, favourite products an more!  I started to be into it, and will explain you my experience.   My skin type is combination/normal, used to be really oily because I never took care of it when teen (now im turnin' 21) and finally could stop all the oiliness and acne problems.    Thanks to all of you from this forums, I learned a lot from it and also from oils, and decided to add in my routine the Fresh face oil, and I got to say, I love it! Normally use it at night and not every day, but it really does a good job on me!  I wanna know your opinions about other oils you use because I'm pointing my eyes on some of them to test like Clarins and Sunday Riley, so girls, let's talk!
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Here's one from ChicDabbler too, she did a comparison of a good handful of oils: see post
Too Faced Love Flush Blush
I like the size & shape of these blushes and would like a rec for which color would be useful as a bronzer for fair skin. I have not seen the colors in person so I appreciate your thoughts on the color choices. Many thanks!
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Hi, Over60andfab!   Is there a particular reason you're wanting to rely on a blush as your bronzer? Though blushes come in a wide array of shades include some nude and... see post
sephora site down?
is anyone else seeing the "you're almost there" message when they try to get on Sephora's website? it says theres a high amount of traffic, which usually only happens during sales and promos. am i missing out on something?
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At least you got a "touchups in progress" response so you knew they were working on the site. I sat around like a fool because I got the "Your almost there" message and ... see post
face masks for sensitive skin!
I have very sensitive skin due to using an acne cream prescribed to me. I really want to enjoy the pampering and benefits of a face mask but it seems that everything I use irritates my face. It can't have salicylic acid and it has to be oil free/ non comedogenic.  Any suggestions? (also if it could be at least kind of affordable?)
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BEAUTY PRO Jesuslover14 / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
What about the Tony Moly face mask?? It seems to be a new brand on Sephora and I purchased the lemon one. I'm not sure the ingredients but it seems like a good and affor... see post
Q. Cystic acne help...
Has anyone here ever had cystic acne and have been able to get rid of it? Mine always seems to flare up around my time of the month but it's so annoying because it takes months to fully heal and so,rites I am left with scarring. Does anyone have a solution? My skin is combination... Oily on my t-zone and chin but dry around my hairline and eyes sometimes. Any kind of help would be appreciated! Just frustrated! 
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A. I used to have awful cystic acne that never seemed to go away. The only thing that made it finally stop was changing my diet. I cut out most dairy and sweets like cookie... see post
Breakouts on cheeks and jawline - how to treat/avoid ?
In the last few months, I feel like my skin has become so much worse and I`ve been breaking out so much more, and always on my cheeks and jawline.    I do wear foundation and blushes every single day and alternate between the ones I have. I don't really talk on the phone, so I wouldn't think it's that.  I don't deep clean my brushes each week. Maybe that's a problem ? I remove my makeup every single night.  I clean my pillow case every week....   Is there something I am doing wrong ? Do you have tips and tricks to avoid breaking out ?
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No problem! I'm always happy to help a fellow acne sufferer:)    For the EP oil: when I was using it this time around, I noticed my breakouts stopping and starting to ... see post
I've noticed that there are a lot of face products in the world. Being a teenage I have acne whiteheads blackhead you name it I have it! I'm in desperate need for a face routine but how do I know what to get? There are so many options. Any ideas on what products I can use for sensitive skin? Acne and Blackhead wash?  
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Hi Ashley!   Firstly, all faces are perfect.  And also there is no perfect face.    What you describe is a very common issue amongst teenagers, you are not alone.  I... see post