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Hi all! Don't know if this is up yet but I thought we could post Cyber Monday deals here and update everyone?!    Here are some new items I found ready for Cyber Monday I suppose: 772839 me-deluxe-lipstick-set-P403654?skuId=1761394 lection-P400154?skuId=1751510 e-P400848?skuId=1763333 956?skuId=1771039 51072 ek-palette-P404003?skuId=1764638 P402934?skuId=1761642 alette-P401501?skuId=1749571    
Hello lovelies! A friend of mine is in the market for a new contour palette and is stuck deciding between the ABH Cream Contour and the Smashbox Contour Kit. Her Color IQ is 1y07 and in foundation she wears either NARS in Mont Blanc or Armani Silk Foundation in 5.25. Can anyone weigh in?
I'm trying to decide on a clairsonic gift set for an Xmas gift. Any opinions on whether I should spend the extra and get the plus? Is there really a major difference between the mia 3 and the plus?
I'm looking for some advice on skincare for my 12 year old son. His skin is  very oily and he's starting to get some pimples. I really want to start him off right and not use something super harsh on his skin. I'm also looking for simple so he will use it! Lol Thanks so much in advance!
We're blabbing about everything else these days, I figured I'd check in and see what people are watching when it comes to TV shows and movies!   It would be foolish to think that this thread could remain spoiler free, so let's be courteous to one another and be sure to spoiler your spoilers. If you don't know how, it's that super adorable little yellow button on the toolbar, located to the right of the bold/italic/underline/strikeout buttons.    DONT FORGET: If you happen to be the most recent post, your first sentence or two of your post will show up EVEN IF ITS IN A SPOILER. So please take care if you're going to go dropping spoiler bombs.    Anywho... I just saw the movie PHOENIX last night and it was absolutely spectacular. Like Academy Award spectacular. If you're fortunate enough have showings in your area, I cannot urge you enough to go see it.    So whatcha'll watchin' these days? What are you anxiously waiting for to start back up? 
My boyfriend would like a nice hair styling product for Christmas. He has short hair that is on the thicker side and likes something with flexible hold. He doesn't want anything greasy or that will transfer down to his face and make his forhead and face look greasy. He doesn't do much with his hair. Sometimes he flips up the front. He really just wants something that will make his hair look neat and polished but not greasy and not like  it's glued down like firm gels or other products. Does anyone have any suggestions? 
Shade 203 Of the Duo Mat Foundation from Make up forever is the equivalent of what shade in Kat Von D'd Lock it Foundation? I'm thinking maybe light 48 but so uncertain? Can anyone help?
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Hello! Thanks so much for the awesome customer support! you guys are really on top of stuff and it is truly amazing !!   sorry for asking-- just made 2 more purchases online and was wondering if I can get it updated on my canadian points..?   Also was wondering, how far away am I for hitting VIB or Rouge status again..? Im trying to keep track of my points and from what I calculated I should be VIB for (2015) but it still says I'm a Beauty Insider..? Just wondering how many points do I need to get my VIB status back for 2016..?    Thanks so much !    
What are your holy grail products?  I use hydrocortizone cream for spot itch reduction, and Aveeno, but it seems the relief is only temporary   I also use a humidifier, which helps a bit, but I have these patches of raised rashes (sorry for TMI or grossness) and they are unsightly and itch like crazy.   I'm open to home remedies, new products, high end products, weird products, voodoo, anything.    
Okay, is it just me or has anyone else been unable to access their love list lately? If I click on the ❤, it takes me to the mobile page and I'm signed out. Sign in, but still no go. If I go to my basket it shows the mobile basket, where you can't view samples or love list like normal. Is it my tablet? Been trying over and over, even if sign out and all Sephora tabs closed.   Any ideas? So frustrating.
I need a good concealer  that will hide dark circles ! Any suggestions? 
I'm looking for a very basic moisturizer that is cruelty free. I need something very basic as I am on Retin-A micro and Benzaclyn an don't want any additional retinols, etc.   My dermatologist gave me samples of cetaphil, but I prefer more natural and cruelty free.    Any recommendations? I do use other Dr. Dennis Gross products, but I'm concerned that the chelating complex moisturizer will interfere with my acne medications.  
I've struggled and still struggle with hormonal/cystic acne that didn't start until I was around 20-21. I'm currently looking for suggestions on a product that could help control my hormonal acne, but above anything else help get rid of my acne scars! Some of my scars are dark and some are sort of red. I also have some hyper pigmentation and slightly dry skin. I'm so tired of having an uneven skin tone and I just want nice smooth skin! Haha any suggestions would be great!!
I'm incredibly curious about this serum (I love that its vegan and uses natural derivatives) and I was wondering if you guys could tell me your experience with it if you've tried it or your opinion on it.  It appears to be a fairly new brand/product and while I have checked out the product's reviews I was hoping to start more of a conversation about it.   I have sensitive, acne prone skin and I am fairly pale so I was hoping this product would help clear blemishes as well as lighten some hyper pigmentation. Any thoughts?
I have tried a bunch oh pore cleansers and pore strips and nothing works. My pores are really noticeable to and it isn't really pretty site to see pls help
Hey everyone! I have been breaking out across my cheeks, temples and neck for the past few months or more and I have tried maybe 6 different cleansers, serums, and spot treatments. Nothing is touching this. It's getting worse and actually have been having people notice and comment on my acne. I generally have had dry skin, but maybe not anymore? I never had acne growing up and I'm now 27 years old dealing with this. Any product recommendations? Please Help and Thank You!  
I am looking to get rid of or just help my scarring. I've researched a few products like Murads post acne lightening gel, PTR gentle complexion correction pads, and Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial but I would appreciate other opinions. It can be any type of product that has helped with your own spots.   My daily routine consists of: -washing face 2x daily with Cetaphil face wash -for a scrub I use st. Ives oatmeal scrub -murad hydrating toner -tarte maracuja oil -PTR Therapeutic Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment Masque
I have a lot of points sitting in my account and the 100/250/500 point rewards are always so lackluster or disappointing for the amount of points required.    I don't ever redeem my points and and this point I'm just hoarding them but will Sephora ever try something similar to epic rewards (although the first time was a disaster)  I'd hate to just save points and not have any use for them. 
I'm wondering what you all have used to get rid of breakouts and pimples that have worked for you? I've recently discovered to my utter happy surprise and astonishment the chemical exfoliants work like a charm for me in getting rid of pimples and breakouts that start to appear on my face. Particularly First Aid Beauty Radiance Facial Pads and Tatcha's Gentle Rice Powder Enzyme Wash (every other day, skip a week and then go again) have worked amazingly like magic! When the tout that exfoliants get rid of old skin cells they mean it! When I see a breakout starting to occur I just wipe my face with a quarter pad of FAB's Radiance Facial Pads (I don't even need a 1/2 or a full pad, I'm sensitive so I try to use as little product as possible and it still works!) and they start to go! I just do that for a couple of days and BANG they don't even develop they just GO!! It's Ah-Ma-Zing!!! On a regular basis I like to interchange Tatcha's enzyme powder wash and FAB's pads every other week, every other day. And that works out great for keeping them away. That and not eating sugar! BUT I've been VERY slopp y these days and have been eating too many cookies (just 2 little cookies is enough for me to break out) and sloppy with not keeping to my exfoliating regime and if that happens I use the FAB pads 3 days in a row to get rid of them.    Tell me what works for you? Would love to know and share.
Hello,   I'm interested in making a small haul and was wondering: if something is on sale online, does that also mean that the same items are on sale in store as well?   Thank you Sephora beauties!
Has anyone else had a problem with this? I just started using it in the beginning of October and about three weeks ago I started getting terrible neck acne on my hair line that reaches up to behind my ears and a tiny bit on my throat, as well as a little bit on the hairline of my forehead.  I never, ever, ever breakout, so this is odd for me.  I ran out (it was a travel size) about two weeks ago and the acne has only gotten worse, but I'm hoping that's just from residual clogged pores. I'm trying to narrow it down to one of four things: 1.) The product itself 2.) The fact that I just simply washed my hair way less while using it 3.) Stupid hormones (I'm 28) 4.) Started using scarves recently because it's getting cold.   I'm a nursing student and I have to wear my hair up all the time at the hospital and it's embarrassing.  Help.     Edit: I looked in the reviews and couldn't find anyone reporting this, which is why I'm asking it here.  
What would you recommend as an equivalent substitute for BARE MINERALS concealer, (which is no longer avaialble) COLOR Medium - for medium skin with pink undertones
I use the HD makeup forever foundation in Y255 (sand beige) and i want the makeup forever full coverage concealer that matches EXACTLY so that i can cover blemishes etc, which shade would you recommend?
Hi ladies what products are good for roscrea?? 
I am a VIB Rouge member and trying to use the View promo code for my order, but it is telling me I am not a VIB member and cannot use it. Why is this happening?