I have oily/acne prone skin, I've been breaking out a lot lately. I get a lot of cyst like too and brown spot discoloration afterwards. What is the best acne cleanser and spot treatment? I'm older and it's quite embarrassing for me. I'm getting frustrated. I've tried dermatologist and honestly it's been a waste of my money. I've tried p.t.Roth, ddf, murad... help please!
How long does it take for a breakout to clear up? I am in that stage of a teen and I was wondering if this is normal? Or was the breakout caused by a product such as the benefit porefessional primer? Are breakouts caused by not exfoliating such as not using the Clarisonic? And if so how could I clear up the breakout and what products I should use?
i have a medium complexion have pores n dark spots on my face.suggest any idea to hide or reduce these
I get infected hair follicles that end up leaving! Sometimes they start as small pimples then get bigger and hurt after awhile and either become white heads or blackheads that I can pop or they dry up, either way I am left with a mark. Some marks are from boil like pimples I've busted but sometimes they come back, same place. This has happened on and off for 7 years or so...really would LOVE to have my clear butt back!!!!
Hi Everyone! I'm 30 years old and still suffering from acne...I now have cystic acne as well! I am looking for advice on what people are using and works for everything from face wash, moisturizer, foundation, etc...I've tried so many different kinds of face washes, moisturizers, foundations, etc. and nothing works for me...I have countless FULL bottles of face washes, moisturizers, and foundation just sitting in my bathroom closet...what a waste of hundreds of dollars!! I'm even on Doxycycline to fight the acne from the inside along with a prescription Retin A. It's so embarrassing and my faith needs to be restored that there is hope otherwise I don't know what to do anymore! Please help!!!
Hi All.... Is it true that salicylic acid and sunscreen cancel each other out?  Does anyone know if sunscreen will cancel out Benzoyl Peroxide too?
I've never used toner and serum for my face. My skin is normal, but still breakout and has dark spots.. I think i aslo need eye cream because my dark circles are really bad, even though i've tried to go sleep early... Actually i've tried "neutrogena", " clean and clear" face wash, but it made my face so dry and burn so bad. Please recommend me some good products and reasonable price. Thank you very much
Hi everyone, I have been struggling with acne. It is only at my chin and really irritating me. I have tried out some medicine and also acne-preventing face washer but they didnt help. I have heard Salicylic Acid and Benzol Peroxide are really good at treating acne, but im not sure what producs or medicine have them. Can somebody give me some suggestion? Many thanks!!!
I don't have acne of my face, but I do have it on my back. It sucks that I can't wear anything that shows my back because you can clearly see the dark spots. What should I do to get rid of them or what products should I use? 
My daughter is 15 years old and experiencing hormonal changes.  She feels very vulnerable about her appearance and it's difficult to find a product that is suitable for her sensitive skin.  She also has an allergy to sunscreen and has eczema.   Currently, she's using Clear Complexion line from Boscia.  Is that suitable for her?  I'm trying to stay away from any salicyclic acid or benzol peroxide.   I'd appreciate any suggestions you have to offer.   Best regards, Shell
I have oily/acne prone skin. I was considering changing my skin care routine to do a gentle scrub immediately followed by an acne mask....three times a week. Would this be too much?
I am 61 and started getting adult acne about 6 months ago.  I have had oily skin and now it's probably considered combination skin.  I use make up, but have always cleaned my skin, exfoliated, and used toner.  I even reccently purchased a Clarion brush.  I have had a lot of stress in the last year, but what else is new.....I taught seniors 35 years and raised two kids.  Wrinkles and major zits....this sucks!!  Help
I have acne and I have super sensitive skin and I've had a bad experience with a similar brush because I broke out immediately so should I try it?
I have had horrible skin since my teen years all over my face and back. Now in my mid 20 I'm sick of having to cover it all up with makeup. I want to clear my skin completely clear from the acne , have a even skin tone ( which the acne has butchered ). I want to feel confident without the pounds of full coverage makeup. If anyone could recommend a good treatment that could help me get rid of this awful scarring, I would be forever grateful.
I  have a few old scars on my chins that I would like to ged rd of, what would be the fasts way ? Or products that you would recommend using ?. I do actually use clarsonic few times a week and I find that it helped with my scaring but it's too slow process.
I've been struggling with acne for over a year now. My face, chest, back, and, somewhat, my stomach is mildly covered in acne and red dots (I'm guessing from old acne). I've tried using salicylic acid, Dove's White beauty bar, Aveeno's Clear Complexion foaming cleanser, Proactiv's 3 step program, Olay's take on the Clarisonic (I'm saving up for the Clarisonic), even straight up rubbing alcohol on my back and chest. It doesn't seem to help. I have sensitive/combination skin. I use Clinique's Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup as foundation, it doesn't seem to help either. I've visited a dermatologist and I'm currently on doxycycline to calm inflammation. They don't seem to help. My acne on my face isn't terrible, my acne on my back and chest is, and they're both quickly getting worse. I need a price friendly, holy grail cleanser, toner, moisturizer, or something to clear my skin! A recommendation for a price friendly, holy grail foundation and concealer that has full coverage but won't break me out or clog my pores (I'm thinking of getting Lock-It Tattoo or HD Invisible Cover foundation and NARS Creamy Concealer). Please help!
I am pretty sure they are a "scar" but I don't have a history of scaring. However being a viable dark spot on my face it bugs me.
ive been having acne since i was ten and im tweleve now and im sick of it i really want to get this all off before seventh grade
(Apologies if this has been posted before, I tried searching and didn't find quite the same question.)   I've been using Proactiv for about 8 years since I was 16 and am really ready to get off of it because of how horrible it is for your skin. I have tried several times before, but I usually end up crawling back to it after a few weeks of being really badly broken out. I've never liked the toner, and for the past couple years my routine has been: Mornings: "R enewing Cleanser" and "Repairing Treatment"  Evenings: Philosophy Purity face wash, and "Repairing Treatment" if I think I need it.   While I'm using it my skin used to stay fairly clear, but lately it has been less effective, and it's always made me SO oily. Four hours after putting my makeup on I basically feel like I need to wash it off and reapply because the oil has caused it to shift so much. I also am very pale now; I'm naturally olive-toned and tan really well but because you're supposed to limit sun exposure while on Proactiv, I never get tan and am very pasty. My skin also just looks dull, thin (almost has a translucent quality), and every little discoloration and dark acne scar is obvious. I'm also already seeing the signs of premature aging it causes. I'm just so done with it.   I'm 24 and don't think that in it's natural state my skin would actually be acne prone anymore, or at least not as bad as in my teens, so I'm pretty sure I just need to get past that horrible break out hump. I'm also switching off my birth control for a while as I think it's having an impact on my skin and weight (I started bc about the same time as Proactiv, hard to remember which came first). So my questions are:   - Has anyone had success weaning off Proactiv? - How long should weaning off it take before my skin normalizes? - What plan would be best for scaling down bit by bit? (Should I completely cut something out now, or scale back applications of both items slowly?) - Are there any products that would be a good neutral to start replacing Proactiv with, that aren't likely to add flame to the fire? (Like I said I don't know that I am truly acne prone anymore, or maybe not as bad, so products don't have to be directed at acne). I was looking at something natural and simple like Origins.    I would really love any experienced feedback on this topic. I'm on a war path of self improvement right now (weight loss, etc.) and would really like to limit the reign of terror my skin has over me as I make this transition. Please let me know if I can provide any more helpful info. Thank you!!
I currently have dry skin, but my skin is also very prone to ance. I'm afraid that using a moisturizer all the time will only make my skin severely break out. What is the best moisturizer to use in such a situation?
I don't get huge breakouts, but whenever I do get acne, they last forever! They get red and later harden and they sometimes leave acne marks (which eventually fade but don't disappear). Any tips on how to control this and prevent acne scars? It takes days to weeks for my acne to disappear. I have sensitive skin.
Hello, I've been struggling with acne for many years. I'm 21, on orthotricyclen lo birth control and a basic skincare regimen. I don't get big pimples but I do have extremely clogged pores all over my forehead that WILL NOT BUDGE and haven't for 8 years. I get actual zits on my cheeks which drives me crazy. So I need a good/powerful all over acne treatment to unclog my pores. I have a cleansing brush that I use 2 times a week. Use mario badescu glycolic foaming cleanser at night, cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning. Clinque moisture surge gel moisturizer both am and pm.
I have very oily acne-prone skin and have struggled for probably six years. I used to use Clinique 3 step and found that the effects began to wear off after a couple years of dedicated use. So I decided to try something new that was more natural. I bought the Ole Henriksen 7 wonders kit and it worked wonders! However, now I need to slim down the set to figure out an entire routine fit for me (i.e. the eye cream is not something I really need to purchase full size). I also bought the lemon strip peel in the full size and loved it! I really like the African Red Tea cleanser as well. The invigorating night gel and sheer transformation are an absolute must. I have my night set down (ART cleanser, night gel, and sheer transformation). I need to now get a day set down. I tried the Aloe vera deep cleanser, grease relief tonic, and vitamin plus a couple weeks ago because a rep said this would work even better for my oily, acne-prone skin. I added each item into my routine separately to test the results accurately. I first added the vitamin plus, it was horrible for me, I was an absolute grease ball the whole day! And I began to break out on my jawline/chin horribly. So then I just started using the Aloe Vera Cleanser instead of ART, it was ok but didn't seem as much of a deep cleaner as ART and then I started getting tiny white heads, so I stopped using that. Then I started using the toner after ART. And although it does pick up leftover grime, I didn't like the residue it left, and it really didn't do much for my oiliness, in fact it may have made me more oily throughout the day. Alas, I really need to to find a natural moisturizer with spf  and toner that is good for oily-acne prone skin. I am definitely going to return the vitamin plus, but I may give the Aloe Vera Cleanser and grease relief tonic another shot, as I was using a pretty cheap complexion sponge. Ole actually sells a two pack for only $6, so maybe the white heads were coming from using a bad tool rather the cleanser. With all this said again, the lemon strip peel, ART cleanser, walnut complexion scrub, invigorating night gel, and sheer transformation has really helped my skin tremendously! I also liked the vitamin c collagen booster, but the super creme was much too thick for my oily skin. 
what are some skincare products that can help with cystic acne without irritating it?
I was wondering if the Sephora brand airbrush makeup was a quality item to buy, and if it would help cover up acne scars/acne? If not, what would you recommend? I rarely have luck finding something to work, but am very interested in the airbrush idea.  Thanks!
I have really large pores and a lot of blackheads, I'm in theatre so stage makeup is really thick and I really want something to wear everyday with some coverage but it isn't terrible for my skin. I have oily-combination skin that can get really dry in the winter but stays oily in the summer. I would prefer something that's actually beneficial for my skin and help clear up my blackheads and breakouts but anything will help. Oh, and I'm 15 years old so it has to be something for teenage skin.
I'm 18 and I have combination skin and lately( 3 months)I've started breaking out on my forehead. I cleanse and moisturize my face everyday morning and night and do a mask once a week but what I'm doing doesn't seem to be working. I wanted to know what you'd recommend as a sort of skincare regime. I've tried the murad facial cleansers and I didn't like them. I've also tried the glamglow mud clearing mask and didn't like it either.
What does everyone recommend from the Fresh skincare line? I have oily skin and I'm 20, with acne prone skin and acne scars with uneven skin tone. 
How long did it take for retin-a to work for you or did it even work at all?  What was your experience like? How did your skin react/change throughout the entire process? Tips?     Right now I'm on finaca (azelaic acid) in the mornings and retin-a (Atralin) in the evenings (all of this for acne) and I'm having a hard time adjusting. Some times my skin is super dry, and other times it's fine and/or oily.  Also, I will notice my acne will start to clear up then get worse all of a sudden, and it seems like my overall skin texture is getting worse.  I've been on it for about a month (the first week being the worst with super dry, red, irritated skin) but since then it's been up and down.  I know they all say that it's supposed to get worse before it gets better and that super dryness can occur, but I'm kinda getting discouraged everytime I look at my skin.  I know not expect immediate results, but I figured I would just ask you all what your experiences were like to see if I'm on the right track or not.     Please and thank you!