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Anyone tried this? I have been too busy to enduldge in facials and figure that I can have this on-hand and do this at home... Not to mention the savings, if it actually works! I couldn't resist a Nordstrom and caved in!
I need hair care products (shampoo, conditioner, styling cream...) for very sensitive skin.  I have not had a dermetologist do skin tests, but I break out very easily with alcohol, fragrance, sulfates...  Thank you!
So, when I was growing up I never washed my face and as a teenager I rarely had breakouts. When I did it would be one here or there, and never really became a problem. The older I got, and the more skin conscious I became, I noticed that my skin was always oily with really big pores and MANY (not being self conscious) dark pores on my nose. After getting sick of my ugly skin, I decided to start washing my face and soon after started my break outs. I have tried a lot of different things, mostly the cheaper Wal-Mart brands but a few clinique products etc, everything made me break out worse. The only thing that has allowed me to be able to wash my face is Pro-Activ. I also can't use any make-up removers, regular soap, or really anything on my skin. Make-up also causes worse break outs. The only thing I have found that allows me to remove make-up without making my skin break out is almond oil. I haven't been to a dermatologist as doctors and hospitals/clinics freak me out so I would prefer not to go if I don't have to. Does anyone know what might be causing my problem and what product might best suit my skin? 
Hi I had some deep scarring on my cheeks (that everyone knows no amount of make up can cover!) - these have lessened with laser treatments. But with some residual scarring still left, wanted to know if anyone can recommend (EFFECTIVE) products to lessen scarring. 
forehead bumps example.jpg
I have recently noticed these little bumps on my skin, around my chin mostly.  It looks like under skin acne? I've tried masks, pore unclogging scrubs and cleaners.  My usually daily routine consists of a cleanser with light exfoliant, followed by a light alcohol based toner and finished off with a daily moisturizer (Time in a Bottle)....  I do not know what to do to get these to go away and get my smooth skin back. They kind of look like the photo below, except on my chin.... Any suggestions? 
I like to start my shopping Early! My co-worker mentioned she loves Coach Poppy so I will start there with a rollerball. I try to add a little something to each of my orders so It is not such a big sting at the end of the year and more points for me. Does anyone have ideas for neighbor gifts or for someone with allergies to fragrance and aloe vera?
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I am using the La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel in the mornings with the Ole Henriksen truth serum and than finishing my morning routine off with the  Ole Henriksen sheer transformation oil free perfecting cream .   For my nightly routine I am using the same  La Roche-Posay purifying foaming gel but than i am using the Ole Henriksen night treatment overnight resurfacer with a Benzoyl Peroxide GEL USP 5% and than finishing it off with the  Ole Henriksen sheer transformation oil free perfecting cream .   Is there something I should add to my cleansing routines or take away?    All i want is perfect skin! My skin acne is red and a little bumpy. I usually get it around my jawline and below my cheek bones.      Please help !   I also bought two face masks from LUSH. One that is kept in the fridge.  
A couple months ago I changed skincare products (I have acne prone skin and was advised to use products from NUDE skincare for my skin) in the beginning o noticed small changes my blemishes we're going away however new blemishes started appearing and old scars have remained. I am wondering how long should I wait to expect results from those skincare products and should I change products to something else that will hopefully he my skin?
In the past few years my skin has been clearing up as I've noticed that the chemical sunscreen octinoxate was the cause of the cysts regrowth on my chin area.  Cystic acne in the chin area was previously known as hormonal acne, but I've read that chemical sunscreens can interfere with hormones and it seems that has been my experience.  I noticed that the majority of fragrances and other cosmetics have ethyl hexyl methoxy cinnamate as an ingredient and yet fail to mention chemical sunscreens on the label.  I'm posting this as information for those dealing with cystic acne as well as to hear if anyone else has had similar experience and what products you have been using.
I've suffered from minor break outs and have recently switched to the Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Gel (due to a Sephora sales persons suggestion) and my skin is breaking out and incredibly dry. I have small bumps that look like a rash around my mouth as well. I have been using this product now for 3 days but don't want to continue if it will continue to get worse. Should I discontinue the use of this line or is my skin just acting this way because it isn't used to the new product yet? HELP
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Hi,   Regarding my previous thread.   These are the new products that i went and bought.   1. Avene - Gel Cleanser 2. ReJudiCare Synergy - Toner 3  ReJudiCare Synergy - Benzoyl Peroxide 4. La Roche Posay - Effaclar DUO [+]  5. Vichy - Aqualia Thermal Serum 6. iS Clinical - Moisturizing Complex   P.S - I also went and got prescribed TACTUPUMP by a doctor for my acne. The tactupump has Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide in it so i don't think i should use the ReJudicare Synergy Benzoyl Peroxide   Should I be using these or not?    If yes, should i use them day or night?   Please respond after reading my previous post and looking at my face photos.   Thank YOU so much in helping me achieve my clear skin step by step. I could not do it without all your wonderful tips!  
I am looking for a day time nude matte color of lipstick that is long wearing. I have drk brown eyes and hair and have skin the color of Kerry Washington. A caramel olive tone. I want something that won't be so bright in color that I look all made up. I wear casual clothing to work in a Home Improvement whse.(Lowes) But wearing lip gloss, even the colored ones is not enough. They wear off too fast. Please help.
Hi,   I have acne skin and it is oily and dry.    My acne is pretty red and bumpy.    I heard that i should be switching face cleansers every day and alternating between the two face cleansers so my face does not get used to them.    Is this true or false?
Hi Dolls!   Do i put my face mask on before or after cleansing my face.   I use the whole ole henrikson line for skin care, and have acne skin. Oily and dry skin. I also have a really good face mask from LUSH.   HELP!!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read) 0X0X, DOLLIE 0X0X,DOLLIE
I've been using the GLAMGLOW Supermud ; I've noticed that it's been reducing the amount of breakouts I get and my skin is smoother. I use it after using the Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser and lotion, but I don't find it to be doing much for my skin. I want to give my acne an extra kick. What would be the best GLAMGLOW Cleanser to achieve this?
Hi, I have post acne scars that I am trying to clear up. I'm currently using 5% benzoyl peroxide and a 13% glycolic acid in my everyday regimen to treat my acne (yes, my skin can take the heat lol). My scars are clearing up but not fast enough. I want to incorporate a brightening serum or something else that will help lighten them quicker.   My skin is very sensitive and there doesn't seem to be a lot that doesn't break me out. Any recommendations or should I just be patient with what I'm already doing?
Hi guys! I've been looking to try a Boscia value set, and I'm debating between the Clear Complexion Kit or the Little Black Book. I've read good reviews on both. I've got combination skin, meaning I get really oily in my T-zone. I'm currently using Mario Badescu, but it has parabens in it, unfortunately. So, I'm looking to go with Boscia. Thank you so much! <3
My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Ever since I've gone off my birth control, my skin has been overly oily. I've fought acne all my life. If you name a cream or a pill, my doctor has had me on it. I am looking for a system that is all natural and something could be on once I get pregnant. Thoughts?
can anyone advise me on which color i should get for hourglass blushes? which shades are the most popular?
I have had an online sephora account for awhile now, but just recently got a card in store. The two are not linked up, and I don't want to have two separate point things going,
I'm in the market for a new cleanser. I have combo to oily skin that is  very prone to breakouts. I'm looking for something to help keep my breakouts at bay or at least minimize them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Katie
Hi! I just wanted to know what is the best brush out there to pack a lot of colour when it comes to eyeshadow? I want to have a lot of colour intensity. Thanks in advance for all the help!
So about 10 days ago I started using Epiduo as prescribed by my doctor. I use one pump of this medication on my affected areas every night. On and after the third day of application, my face burned/itched and became slightly red almost immediately after applying. These symptoms mostly subside after a couple hours and in the morning I'm left with clearer looking but dry/flakey skin.   Has anyone experienced these symptoms and what did you do to deal with them? 
I use Bobbi brown foundation beige 3 and want to know what shade that would be in Too Faced Born This Way foundation.    Thanks!
I put this in the Deals thread, but I think it may deserve it's own.    Wednesday, July 15 starting at 12AM PST   Per Amazon... Prime Day is a global shopping event, offering more deals than Black Friday, exclusively for Prime members. On Wednesday, July 15 new and existing members will be able to shop thousands of Lightning Deals, Deals of the Day, and will receive unlimited Free Two-Day Shipping. Members will find deals starting at midnight PDT, with new deals starting throughout the day, as often as every ten minutes.   In case you can't deduce from the name of the day, to be eligible, you must be enrolled in Amazon Prime. FREE 30-Day Trials are always available to sign-up for on Amazon's site. 
How long does dior star usual last before you have to replace it?
i am looking for a pretty blue eye pencil to rim the inside of my waterline with nothing i have found stays any help,
Has anybody had any social problems while wearing off beat colors of make-up? (I.E. neon colored brows, blue, green or black lipstick, hot pink eyeshadow) My husband (very gently and very kindly) asks me not to wear my Jeffree Star Weirdo lipstick if we go any where during the day on the weekends. (And he has NEVER asked something of that of me before). Also, some of my local Sephora sales gals said that some customers avoided her when she wore blue or black lipstick and that during big meetings with sales reps they would avoid calling on her for answers. I can imagine a fair amount of older people would cringe, but  has anybody else had any (small) bumps in the road with wild make-up?