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I have a question about the clarisonic purge. When I started to use my clarisonic mia 2, I heard that you may suffer a purge fase. My skin is dry and I don't usually have break outs, just black heads. But when I used it for the first weak I notice my face was getting lots of red bumps, specially on the cheeks. Is this normal? Is my skin to sensitive? Please help!
Best skin regime for acne prone, teenage skin? I have combination and also any product recommendations?
I would like to buy a Christmas gift for my son's 17 year old girlfriend. I don't know her well, she's very shy & not really communicative with me. He's only been seeing her for a month or two but at this age, that's a substantial relationship lol.   I know she wears eyeliner, mascara & lipgloss but that's the extent of my knowledge. I was thinking of Tarte, Too Faced holiday,  collections ...which I love & own....I'm a total makeup junkie ... but I don't know if these brands appeal to girls in that age group.   I do want to get her something super special. So I'm asking for suggestions from girls in this age group as to what would be the Holy Grail for a 17 year old. So if there's something you've been dreaming of, please share!  
My skin has never been really acne prone and is usually very soft looking and clear but for the past almost 4 months I have had really red and sensitive skin, and I am getting really large blemishes everywhere, and even though my skin feels very soft and I exfoliate often, my face still looks flakey when I put my makeup on and still is oily it seems like nothing can cover up my blemishes. Any ideas?
I am 15 and already have very saggy and wrinkles eyes.. WHAT DO I DO?!?!  
thinking of dermadoctor revenge balm or alerginst eye balm . Any feedback?
I have oily/combination skin. Used to have bad acne as teen, now in mid-20s, still have minor breakouts but I use Epiduo which keeps me pretty clear of blemishes... But now I want to get rid of left over acne/dark spots. What can I use that won't make me breakout and be fine to use with Epiduo. I've done lots of research and I'm between these 3 products:   Murad: el-P188907?skuId=1021930, tening-serum-P4009?skuId=654095   Origins: mega-bright-skin-tone-correcting-serum-P302934?sku ...   Feel free to recommend other products also. 
Hello there, I am looking for a lightweight foundation that is buildable and suited for sensitive skin. I struggle with mild acne on my cheeks and chin and have combination skin. I have always used powder foundation and have only recently tried liquid. I never used liquid foundation as I was paranoid of them breaking me out so I tried mufe hd foundation and it only offered light coverage and made me extremely greasy. I then exchanged it for the mat velvet plus I am currently using it now and it seems to cling to my dry patches.  I really want to be able to cover the discolouration on my face but still maintain a flawless and natural finish if that's even possible. I am thinking of trying the too faced cocoa powder foundation and see if I have luck with that.  I really don't know if I should continue with using liquid to cover my acne as I'm scared I will end up with even more pimples. Please help! ps. I use tarted pore less primer before I apply my face makeup 
Is there any product that would help reduce the appearance of past blemishes that I have picked on my face?
I need new face wash or a full out new ritual because I still haven't found any type of skincare solution to actually use. I am in my early 20s and have had chronic acne for years. I have used many products in an attempt to help my chronic acne including: Murad, Josie Maran, Stridex, Neutrogena, and tea tree oil products from The Body Shop.   Nothing is working and I'm getting very fed up. I have combination skin, but the only area I really get acne in is my cheeks, chin, and around my mouth. In these areas it tend to get very oily. In the photo I uploaded, you can kind of see what my current situation is.   Does anyone have any recommendations? I tried to use the online Sephora Skincare i.d., but it recommended me a plethora of products and I don't even know where to start. I am also considering purchasing the Clarisonic Mia System. Any thoughts?
I am just wondering about certain products. I have been using the three little wonders for the past 2 years, including the pure truth youth activating, but I still need a little more boost into my complection. I have been hearing crazy good reviews about Perricone md, the blue palsma, cold plasma, and the C ester serum. I bought them recently and now I am wondering If I can be able to use them in conjunction with the Ole Henricksen. If I cant use them both, which one has more benefits because I dont want to keep perricone if its not worth the money. ANy advice will be helpful.
Hello, all! I was wondering if someone could suggest a new cleanser for me. I'm currently using the Boscia detoxifying black cleanser, and it's okay, but I was hoping someone might have a better suggestion. I have combination, acne prone skin. I get primarily nodules, pustules, and whiteheads. I also pick at my skin (... I know, I'm trying to stop! ) so I have a TONNNN of dark marks all over. I think getting rid of the dark marks is my primary concern, and the acne is my secondary. I also have acne on my shoulders, so if it worked for body that'd be great too. I didn't find the Skincare IQ to be very helpful, so if someone has experience with a good product for similar issues, I'd love to hear about it! Thank you!
Hi,   I am not using any acne treatments right now but i am breaking out a bit more lately. i was wondering if anyone can recommend a night creame and a foundation to me. i currently use Cover FX and its great but wouldn't mind other recommendations.   I do not use any night creame currently. please help.   thank you  
I read all the reviews for this and was sure I would love it! Going on it was great and felt good. After taking it off, after three minutes it started burning my skin! Is this normal? In the morning my face was not red and it was not burning anymore. My skin has never been sensitive. Is this supposed to feel like this? Tanks for the help in advance ! Thanks, Dan 
Ive had them for as long as I can remember, and Im sick of them! what products/techniques do you recommend? Im a poor college student, so nothing too pricey!
I have cystic, acne prone, extremely oily skin with enlarged pores and acne scaring. I believe it stems from a hormone imbalance. However I would like to know which skincare items you would recommend as well as foundation. I have struggled with finding the right one and I have tried so many different brands. I would like to know a experts opinion.
I am going to be investing in a couple of Clarisonic Christmas presents, but am not really sure which one to purchase, being they have the Mia 1,2,3, Ariel and others. I know I want to stick with the Clarisonic brush and not really the Clinique one.The prices of them all are pretty variable and I want to get the right one for my skin care needs.   What is the big difference in all these and why the big jump from $99.00 to $249.00? Have people had problems with the earlier models?
I have just about every single type of acne on my face.. papules, pimples, white heads, black heads, even CYSTIC acne. I've been to a dermatologist numerous times & used several different products & antibiotics but nothing works. It keeps getting worse!   I've tried just about everything you can get at a drug store plus Retin-A & other perscription ointments (that don't work on me). I've even tried cleaning up my diet & go full on organic & excerside regularly, didn't help.   I have very light skin & a pink undertone. It's very sensitive & dries out easily but then gets super oily throughout the day.   I'm looking for any PRODUCTS that may help clear it up & also MAKEUP to help cover it so I can live a somewhat normal life without being worried about people staring at my face!! I used Clinique but it didn't cover very well & the foundation actually broke me out worse ( even the acne helping kind ). I have recently used the Sonia Kashuk concealer pallet but I found out it has numerous toxic chemicals & has just been making it worse!   If you have any products or good advice I would much appreciate it! Thank you!
Can you use an AHA product with a retinol product? Since they both do the same thing will it enhance the process or negate each other?   My face responds better to products with Benzol peroxide. If I use Kate Sommerville clarifying lotion with (5% Benzol peroxide) should I still use my acne spot cream Murad Spot Treatment with (3% Benzol peroxide). I use the clarifying lotion all over my face with the spot treatment on my  acne. I have cystic acne on my chin and around my mouth.
Within the last month I have revised my whole skin care routine. I have cut back on certain skin care products since my face has started to become dry but Im having the same amount of cystic acne breakouts (3-4 month). Any suggestions would be appreciated.   My skin care regimen: am: Kate Sommerville Daily Cleanser  -Kate Sommerville Acne clearing lotion (sometimes when I have smaller acne spots) - I spot treat cystic acne spots with Murad Acne spot Fast Fix or Lush Grease Lightning - I moisturize with my Kate Somerville moisturizer or Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel night: Kate Sommerville Daily Cleanser ( use clarisonic 2 times a week) -pro activ or Kate Sommerville toner -I spot treat with proactiv refining mask or Eradikate -everywhere else I use Dr. Dennis Gross Moisturizer I use a clay mask( glam glow or an over the counter mask) then use an enzyme mask after sometimes (once a week) I use my Kate Sommerville resurfacing pads or Exfolikate once a week Ive only within the last month have incorporated the use of masks and chemical peels into my facial routine.
So I have these blackheads on my nose that go out onto my cheeks a bit. I'm sure you know what I'm asking for; how do I get rid of them? I know exfoliating can help. Though I truly don't know what product to use. I recently bought a travel sized version of Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, which remains unopened. I have no idea if this product would do me any good, I mostly just bought it because of the hype. Can anyone recommend any products or tell me if the GlamGlow product is any good?
I am just putting my haul together to post online and was just sitting and looking at it. Almost all of it is Algenist, two full boxes of it. Now I can truly say I have tried every product that they sell. I have not found one that I did not love. Am I the only one that's just CRAZY OVER THIS? I love the products and also love there packaging. I know some sY that packaging is not important but to me it is. Please share if you also have this addition to it. I will have my haul up in about an hour. Thanks in advance and happy shopping, Dan 
  Hey everyone! My little brother (who is in his early teenage years) has been getting really bad acne for the past couple of months. He has tried a lot of drugstore brands and I've made sure that he's been washing his face everyday, but I do not really trust the drugstore brands because they seem a little too toxic. Does anyone have suggestions for what might work? It seems that other than the acne, he has combo skin. I want to get him something for Christmas coming up and he says he will try anything to help with the acne!  Thank you
Hello, I have combination/oily skin and I'm experiencing breakouts on my chin/cheek area most recently. I've heard AmorePacific would be a good line for me. Right now I'm using the Clinique Acne line but it's not helping. Could you let me know a good regimens for which cleanser, toner and moisturizer would work best?
UGH--so busy today and didn't get a chance to check out the sale section today There was a huge markdown on the Tarte cheek stain set and the MUFE set but it looks like its out of stock already!    Still--lots of other goodies at great prices there! Lots off OCC and the some Smashbox LE items
  I recently went to an esthetician for a facial and I told her what I was using at home. She told me I was using too many products and it was actually more harmful for my face. Background about me : I have really oily skin. I have been using Pro Activ for a long time and have within the last month switched over to using Kate Sommerville. I have cystic acne usually around my chin ( possibly hormonal acne)   My skin care regimen: am: Kate Sommerville Daily Cleanser ( I use with my carisonic)        -pro Activ toner or Kate Sommerville toner        -Kate Sommerville Acne clearing lotion        - I spot treat acne spots with Murad Acne spot Fast Fix or Lush Grease Lightning        - I moisturize with my Kate Sommerville moisturizer or Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel   night: Kate Sommerville Daily Cleanser ( use clarisonic)          -pro activ or Kate Sommerville toner           -I spot treat with proactiv refining mask or Eradikate          -everywhere else I use Dr. Dennis Gross Moisturizer   usually every other day I use a different clay mask( glam glow or an over the counter mask) then use an enzyme mask right after   every Friday I use my Kate Sommerville resurfacing pads every Mon I use Exfolikate   I know it may seem too much but I don't know what to cut out. I feel like every product has a purpose. My face responds better to Benzoyl peroxide. I have tried many other products in the past that have not worked and were suggested by my dermatologist ex. Cetaphil, Murad etc. Ive only within the last month have incorporated the use of masks and chemical peels into my facial routine.
I have cystic acne and combination skin, with lots of acne scars. And I go through a lot of stress, so I get acne due to that as well. What is the best makeup to cover it up, and perhaps even help treat it? I would like something that lasts at least 8 hours and doesn't look or feel cakey.  I have recently tried: Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye full coverage concealer Revlon Photoready foundation Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Elf Cover Everything Concealer and all avon products.   If you could provide me with what you think is the best makeup for my skin, thank you.
HI!  I have acne, not severe. It's been two-three years I have that, I went to see a dermatologist but that change anything. Do you know an effective treatment? acne free, product muraud or nonacne ? Thank's!