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How do I heal it with minimal scaring? Its been brewing since sunday and yesterday it was a full blown pimple and its still not showing any signs of dissipating.
So I was looking online and came across a few articles on Manuka Honey and how it's supposed to be really great for your skin. I was wondering if anyone has actually tried using it whether as a spot treatment, mask or face wash. And if so, how did it work for you? I bought some online and I'm still waiting for it to arrive but I was just curious if others have tried this.
Hello, I have acne on my face+ rediness. My dermatologist advised me to use Bareminerals brand.I am looking for some kind of acne treatments here. What do you recommend!! I am thinking about   BAREMINERALS   bareMinerals Heal & Conceal Acne Treatment & Concealer   ITEM #   1489053 Do I use it as a foundation?or I use it first and then I have the foundation? Do I still have o use BB cream first?  Thanks
I know that Sephora doesn't sell Illamasqua anymore, Nordstrom never has, and now I see that it is no longer on Bloomingdales website. Does anyone know where Illamasqua can be found in the States? I am definitely not paying international shipping from the UK. 
I just recently bought the Murad Acne Clearing solution. I'm wondering where I might fit that in with my skincare routine. In the winter time my skin gets so dry that I have to use a beauty oil. So I know for a fact its supposed to go lightest to heaviest (serum, beauty oil, then moisturizer). Where should I incorporate this acne solution?
Hey, i am 15 and have i combination skin (oily in the t-zone). Every time I apply foundation (mac studio fix) it never seems to smudge and if i try it begins to be very dry, and starts crack. Is there any thing that can fix this problem? Is there a certain way to apply it Also,applying moisturizes never seems to help.        
I just got the invitation email, should I do it?
Need help with skin! My face is very dry, acne prone, terrible clogged pores and sensitive to benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. I'm in my late 20's and my skin is the worst that it has ever been. I have used many top of the line products and don't know what to do! Any advice appreciated!
I recently bought Perricone's no-makeup foundation,  Is that line worth it?  Bought it because of the serum claims. Is there an equivalent?
I have oily/acne prone skin. I tend to have cystic acne around my chin and temples. I've used only Neutrogena products and they've been nice for a while, but they just don't cut it anymore. I've been looking at the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue line, but was wondering if it was worth the money. Anyone else with this type of skin used the First Aid Beauty line and liked it? Also, what products worked best for you?
A few weeks ago i signed up for an insider account at a store and i also made a purchase there. I think they forgot to scan it or something because my points were not added. Is there anyway i can get them?
Hi Sephora community,   Is there any available way to ship to United Arab Emirates ? I tried to place an order to be shipped to my Aramex account in US but it got rejected, can anyone suggest a different way it there is any?   Regaeds
Which type of brush to use for gel eyeliner ? Any brand recommendations ?
Has anyone heard of these/tried these? Not going to lie, I'm interested in these because they are so pretty, and they have gorgeous holders you can buy!   
I am interest in a Princess Nyla  Cosmetic wholesale list for my salon. Please advise me. thank you
Seriously, just when it seems that I find a routine that works for me my skin looks good for a few weeks then freaks out again.    I have quite oily skin but it almost looks like its dry. My foundation is just not laying as nicely and it's looking cakey. I have not changed any products or application techniques.    I'm currently using- Argan Cleansing Oil to remove makeup Ole Henricksen Red Tea Foaming Cleanser  Ole Henricksen Invigorating Night Gel Ole Henricksen Vitamin Creme   And in the mornings I was with either Fresh Soy Exfoliant (twice a week) or the foaming cleanser. And then follow with the Algenist Sunscreen SPF 50, which I'm not really a fan of. Actually, now that I think about it the cleanser is relatively new. I got a sample of it and started using it when I ran out of my Soy Fresh Face Cleanser. Does anyone else experience texture issues with this cleanser?   I've also been thinking of adding a serum into the mix and switching that every other week with the night gel, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear em .
I have developed an allergy to dimethicone and any other ingredient with a "cone" in it.  Is there any BB or CC cream on the market without this cross polymer ingredient?  I have Rosecea and am in need of a coverup product that does not make my skin flare up.   Any suggestions?
I am in my mid-20's and have been breaking out more than ever! I figured its time to try a new acne wash because my current one obviously isn't doing it anymore. I've been looking at different products online and there are just way too many to decide. I started looking at the Clinique acne kit but even after ready reviews, I'm still unsure of it.   My skin is dry in the morning, after I shower (not sure if that's from my current face wash or not) and gets shiny, oily within only a few hours.    Any suggestions on products to help treat my acne problem without breaking the bank? 
So i am 13 and i have been using proactive and i have stopped wearing concealer and foundation for the summer and my face has REALLY cleared up, most concealers make me break out BAD. So i need to find a concealer/foundation/BB cream for the school year that doesnt cause breakouts or treats acne. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
I am a transwoman and would really like to go in to a Sephora studio and have a total make over. My problem is I'm scared, going out in public in feminine presentation is so new to me. I desperately want to and will.... but if anyone can give me some tips to help make it a bit less scary, I am all ears!! Thanks! Geniv
Does anyone have any idea what shade I would wear in her foundation?  My color iq says I'm 1R05. I can wear the Boscia regular Bb cream if that helps.
The origins charcoal masks helps pull out my blackhead but the clogged poor ends up sticking out of my skin, how do I completely get rid of them?
I think Rouge should get double or triple points all the time. Anyone else agree?
I'm 155 in the MUFE HD. Does anyone know what color I'd be in the Mat???? Thanks everyone!
  Blush palette $110   Lip palette $96.00     Eyeshadow palette $136.00 ( posted this one earlier )   Any reviews would be appreciated.