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Natural looking acne makeup for men
What are some acne conscious makeup products that give a natural look for men?
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In search of a sunscreen that wont break out my face!
Hellooo!    Every summer when I go to put sunscreen on my face on pool or beach days my face breaks out within the hour. Not just little bumps on my face but large break outs that take weeks to go away. I have tried every sunscreen from target and Walgreens and they all have the done the same thing to my face. I have finally decided to splurge on a higher end sunscreen with the hope that my face wont break out for the whole summer. I have oily/combo sensitive acne prone skin if that helps.   What are you recommendations for sunscreens?   -Fabiola 
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Algenist Ultra Lightweight UV Defense Fluid SPF 50!   I can't say enough good things about this one. I'm using it religiously every day, and just gave it a hardcore we... see post
Full coverage concealer for acne
I have acne in a v-shape. from my cheeks to chin. I have more acne scars then acne though. very little bumps =( sporadically spread in that area. Is there a full coverage concealer you recommend? Matte? Liquid? Please help im desperate=(
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Miranda88 / NEWCOMER / replied
I will have to stop by the store to find my right shade. I appreciate it. see post
Acne scarring
Hi guys! Okay i know i've asked this before previously but i have some photos to show what my scarring is like. it's mainly around my chin area and my forehead. can somebody help me on how i can maybe reduce the appearance of them and also give any tips about the spots on my forehead? they never go away they're just there ALL the time. ( obviously i am makeup free in these photos to show the scarring/spots etc. )and they look worse with makeup on etc. any advice would be really helpful! thank you  
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awww they won't stay there timelesskdd's guess below is right - these are more from sun damage and red spots don't worry much and use sunscreen often during the day an... see post
Difference between Origins Charcoal Mask and Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment
I've tried samples of the Origins Charcoal Mask and I bought the Glamglow Supermud mask a few months ago. I really love the Glamglow mask but it is a little on the expensive side. Before I repurchase it, I was just wondering if there are any major differences between the two masks?  
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BEAUTY WHIZ beautyaddict99 / BEAUTY WHIZ BEAUTY WHIZ / replied
I have both and I definitely prefer the Glamglow. It's a much more 'complex' mask, feels like it provides more intensive treatment and it does more for my skin.   Ingr... see post
Overly stubborn whiteheads problem
Hi - I've been having whiteheads since.. forever. I have them mostly on my cheeks, chin and forehead. They don't grow into acne but they're irritating because of the bumpy feeling on my face.  I recently tried Zenmed skincare and it worked really good in making the existing ones go away... but it doesn't stop them from coming back. So I get rid of my old whiteheads, but new ones would appear on other spots on my face. I have combination type of skin, I really take care of my diet and always make sure my pillowcase is frequently washed..I really don't know how else to deal with this. Please recommend something that can keep them away for good..!
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snowcat749 / NEWCOMER / replied
Which Glamglow Super Mud did you use? I checked on Amazon and there are a bunch of them?   I started getting the white heads when I was pregnant and the dermatologist ... see post
What mascaras are you buying for Mascara Madness?!
Mascara Madness is back at Nordstrom this Saturday the 23rd. Buy 2 get 1 free mascaras! The only "high end" mascara I have used is They're Real by Benefit, and I love it, but I wanna use this sale as an opportunity to try maybe some MAC or Clinique...really anything! I naturally have long lashes, just looking for a mascara that will really darken them and add volume, with no clumping or flaking. What mascaras do you recommend buying from Mascara Madness? What ones are you going to buy!?  Thanks beauties  
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The year is not over.  It is done twice a year and will probably be back in October.  May is the spring staple, but the fall usually alternates between October and Novem... see post
Sensitive Acne Prone Skin
Trying to find an acne treatment that will not dry out my super sensitive and dry skin.  I occasionally get eczema on my face and anything I use to treat that causes even more acne on top of the eczema.  
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I really like the Boscia line. It's effective but very gentle on the skin. I like the Black Mask, Clear Complexion Treatment, and the Black Hydrating Gel. see post
What's the best acne care product?
Hi! I have always been searching for the best acne product. I have a terrible sensitive skin to the point of frustation. I have tried from Clinique to what most people said as their holy grail, GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD. They did not work on me.    I am currently using the origins scne treatments along with its zero oil, cleaner, toner, moisturizer and mask for about weeks or so? But I can't find any improvement at all. I was thinking to buy bosica, but I am still not sure. What is the best acne care product should I use? I'm 19 y/o, with combination skin type. Thank you in advance!
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Hi AliciaJessie,   Do you know what your skin is sensitive to in particular? If sensitivity is a big issue visiting a dermatologist would probably be helpful! Additi... see post
I have suffered from acne since I was a freshman in high school. I am now a sophomore in high school. I have moderate acne with much redness and just a little scaring. I am tired of nothing working. Does anyone have suggestions?
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Just save yourself the trouble and go to a dermatologist instead of experimenting and spending money on these expensive products. Assuming you don't have a whole lot of ... see post
What makeup and skincare products should I try?
I have been using It Cosmetics Makeup and the Murad Acne Starter Kit for more than two months. I have oily skin and most of my acne is on my cheeks and jawline. The Murad stuff seems to work a bit, but the acne isn't going away (one blemish turns into post-acne, and another pops up). What am I missing here?
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Hi @leigh21,   I've tried a few Murad products, and unfortunately, none of them worked well with my skin ): I've been using the Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur ... see post
Return open product policy
Hello! I've made a purchase today, when i arribed home i try one of the creams and i didn't like ir, it is too geasy for my skin. Can i exchange it for another product if its opened? I do have my recipe with me. Its form south beach store. Thanks!
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Yes, you can.    Whatever you choose to exchange it for, it might be helpful to sample the product in store prior to purchasing to ensure that it meets your expectatio... see post
breakouts with my 30th birthday!
I recently turned 30 (yikes!) For two or so years I have been noticing breakouts on a regular basis; mainly chin or forehead area. I do touch my face often at work, but I wash my hands constantly. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and cannot use anything with soap, dyes, sacylic acid, etc. I have tried a lot during my 20's as a trial and error basis, and the only thing that seems to work is Aveeno calming wash. When I say my skin sucks, it does, and everything makes it irritated. I am ok with that, but need a spot treatment or a wash I use on a weekly/monthly basis. help!! Thanks!
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I have heard good things about Drunk Elephant. I also turned 30 and have oily skin that is sensitive. I just ordered their Juju Bar, but I have not tested it yet to tell... see post
How to properly use prescription acne cream in a skincare routine
Hello!   To start off, I'm 24 and have dealt with acne since my early teenage years. I have combination oily skin,as well as some redness. I've been on acne medication since I was 17 (orally I take minocycline and also use a topical combination of benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin). Because the topical medication is very drying, I only use it at night before bed. At night, unless doing a mask, exfolation, or a peel, I simply remove my makeup, cleanse, and apply my acne cream. I feel as if my skin has become stagnant and isn't really improving with all of the skincare products I feel I've invested in. I also can't seem to figure out when to apply a night moisturizer (before or after my acne cream?) nor have I found one that doesn't make me break out.   Any advice on new products, or suggestions in rearranging my routine are highly appreciated! If it helps, here's my current routine:   AM routine - - wash face with hands and warm water (I have found using a cleanser in the AM makes me oilier faster) - Lush's Breath of Fresh Air toner water - Mario Badescu oil-free moisturizer - Smashbox color adjusting primer   PM routine -  - remove makeup with Elf's cleansing cloths - cleanse with Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel (sometimes I'll use Fresh's soy cleanser for a more genlte cleanse) - benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin acne cream * on alternating nights I will exfoliate with Lush's ocean salt or use Glossier's mega greens mask. I also recently have been experimenting with peels and have enjoyed them thus far, but am not religious enough with them to notice a difference.   Again, any advice or recommendations are super appreciated! Thanks in advance <3   P.S. As for product recommendations, I will only use those that are cruelty free.   
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Thank you all for your opinions! I got a sample of the Josie Maran Argan oil light and have been trying that at night. So far I like it! I will try some of your recommen... see post
Why do I have large pores in only one area?
I have what seems to be large pores over one eyebrow/lower forehead area.  Does waxing cause this?  Not sure how to treat this. 
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Thank you, this is helpful.  I appreciate your response.  ; ) see post
What anti-aging cream to use at my age?
I recently turned 21 this month. But I see my family members and genetically we age very badly at a very young age. I know we cant stop aging, but I would at least like to slow it down.    What regime would best suit my age? I don't want to use retinol or anything like that. I already moisturize every morning. But besides that, any recommendations? I notice fine lines on my forehead and around my lips. Thanks!  
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I third the sunscreen. I started wearing it at age 12 and I'm 44 now.  I easily pass for early thirties.  I barely have a line on my face and I know it's because of dili... see post
I Have Bad Acne Dry Oily Skin
 I   have bad ance where it goes all over my face and neck, my worst parts are my neck and forehead, i have dry skin bad acne flakyness on my forehead, I been using this clay mask it doesnt seem to work it makes my forehead even dryer stopped using it. i have oily skin. Even with my oily skin i still have the flaky dryness on my forehead n my cheek, i just dont get it i was looking at the bosica masks (i think i spelt it right), i dont know if those are good for my skin or are there any other products are good for my oily bad ance dry skin... i also tend to pick my dry forehead... PLEASE HELP ME!?!?!?! I am only 19 years old too
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I suffered from very bad acne from 12 years old to 28 years old (I'm now in my 30s).  I tried everything, and ultimately, it came down to changing my diet and drinking w... see post
Foundation looks muddy
I just received Bare Minerals in light which is supposed to be a color match for me but it looks a tad muddy. What color do I need?
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Blemish serum recommendations?
I'm looking for something extra to apply to my facial routine to help dodge blemishes and maintain a clear complexion. Any spot treatment I've given a try hasn't worked in the slightest so I figured I would try another approach. Have any of you tried a blemish serum or have any ideas of products that are most effective?   Thanks in advance!!
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I'd add Paula's Choice BHA exfoliant to your routine. I don't think a serum is necessarily the best way to go.    Having said (written?) that, I think the Drunk Elepha... see post
KB. shimmer
Can I find Kb Shimmer op on yout website
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Hi headache,   We don't carry KB Shimmer polishes right now - I apologize for the inconvenience! If you're looking for something similar on our site I'd suggest the ... see post
Let's talk about Charlotte Tilbury..
I already have the Filmstar bronze & glow palette but looking into some of her other products.   Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share esp with her Light Wonder Foundation, her blush and the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder? I'm interested in getting these three things but still on the fence about taking the plunge!    Please let me know, many BTers opinions have helped me out on products before Thanks in advance!
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They were giving away sample sets in color ranges, placed like an order but zero cost. The info page still exists:  TILBURY TRY-ON: LIGHT WONDER   see post
CANE + AUSTIN Body Retexture Pads
I was wondering if anyone here has experience with the Cane+Austin Body Retexture Pads.     I'm looking for a body product that contains a chemical exfoliant and  I want to stay away from heavy moisturizers, so I thought that these pads might be a good option.  Unfortunately they're pretty expensive for experimentation purposes.     I'd also be open to suggestions for other products.   Thanks!
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awful acné scarring
what can i do or what product may i purchase  to effectively remove acné sacas and hyperpigmentation?
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Did you use the entire regimen or just the one Obagi product?   I've used a couple of the Obagi products in the past, however, it was only the cleanser and the toner. ... see post
looking to tweak my skincare routine. 24/combo/acne, pores, redness
Hi,   I'm looking to tweak my current skincare regimen. I'm 24 years old. As a teenager I never really had problems with my face, other than a random pimple here or there. But now I have pimples all over my forehead, down the sides of my temples, a couple on my cheeks close to my nose, and on my chin. My skin is combo. My T-zone is a bit oily and it shines. My cheeks are normal to dry. My main concerns are the pimples, my huge freaking pores, and the redness associated with post-zits.   In the last week I've been tweaking my routine and I find my skin has been improving. I think I'm using the masks too often as now my cheeks are getting really dry in some areas and they weren't before.    A lovely SA suggested that I add the Glamglow Supermud Cleanser, their masks, the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster, and an Ole Henriksen moisturizer (I forget the name and it wasn't clear on the sample).   So my current skincare regimen is as follows:   *Note, I don't have an AM routine. I usually just rinse off last's nights creams, apply a primer and do my makeup. I've been thinking of adding an AM routine lately but I'm not sure.   **PM Routine: I remove my makeup using Philosophy's Purity Cleanser. I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover for whatever eye makeup didn't come off. When I don't wear makeup I would use Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser but now I've switched that out for Glamglow's Supermud Cleanser .   If I'm doing a mask or exfoliation, here is where I'll do it. Before the tweak I had been using MAC's Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator . Once a week I use Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask .   Since the tweak, I haven't used the MAC exfoliator and I've been using both the Glamglow Youthmud and Supermud masks every other day together. On the other day I would use Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask .   As a toner I use Boscia's Clear Complexions Tonic .   I've recently added a serum, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster .   Then I apply Boscia's No Pores No Shine T-Zone Treatment .   For a moisturizer, I was using Philosophy's Hope In A Jar  for winter and in the summer I use Boscia's Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel . Now, I'm trying out the Ole Henriksen one that was recommended to me. When my cheeks are really dry I use Glamglow's Thirstymud mask .   For an eye cream, I'm not using anything special, just going through the tons of eye cream samples that I have.   And finally I apply The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion .   I was thinking of adding more things from Boscia's Clear Complexion line. I've also heard good things about Murad, Ole Henriksen, and Fresh.    So I'm just looking for suggestions on products I can add to my routine based on my skincare needs. Also I'm not sure where to start with a morning routine.   Thanks!    
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FeatherDoll / FRESH FACE / replied
Simple is best.  Use products.  I use the set of three and use the aha for clearing of dark spots works like a gem and I have acne. You can find this on amazon.... see post
Review of all four GlamGlow Cleansers!
I know it is quite sad and demented that I bought all four but I absolutely love this line! I was dying to try all of these as I have been a Philosophy Purity lover for years but I honesty can not believe the difference in my skin after switching to only the GlamGlow cleansers and rotating between the different masks. Tip: I find that wetting my face beforehand is a must to work up a nice lather and not strip my skin. I find applying to dry skin as stated on the bottle does not work for me. I also just use 1-1/2 pumps per application. Anything more than that, is just a waste of product on my skin. With rotating these cleansers for about a week in both morning and night, I feel my skin has never looked or felt better. Not only are my blackheads gone, but I feel my pours look smaller. My skin is just incredibly clear as well! I feel as though I have said goodbye to purity forever! I left everything else in my daily routine the same during this week trial and only took out purity. I feel now that purity actually caused more breakouts  and didn't deeply cleanse my skin. Supermud Cleanser: I really feel I might actually like this better than the mask. As long as I apply like I described above, don't have any dryness at all. I find that it really does keep my skin clear although I really do feel as though all the cleansers do that for my skin. I find the actual mask can be a bit drying. Thristymud Cleanser: I actually like this better than the mask. With the mask I almost feel a sticky feeling. With this cleanser, my skin just feels smooth and hydrated. Absolutely love the coconut scent! OMG! Powermud Cleanser: Absolutely love this cleanser! The mask is my favorite too! I feel this cleanser really balances out my skin out as I do tend to be on the oily side. I use many oil free skincare and makeup products as they work well for my sensitive acne prone skin. Youth Cleanse: I was a bit afraid of this cleanser because of the bad reviews. I honestly saw an overnight difference in texture on my skin. I absolute could not believe it. This was surprising to me as the Youth Mask has been my least favorite in the GlamGlow mask line! Sephora did not send me any of these products and all were bought with my own money!
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Thanks for the detailed review. I personally tried thirstymud and supermud and was not impressed with either of them.I find supermud to be very dry even when I use it on... see post
Is there a current thread for NEW items?
I love to see all the new items, and I find the 'new' section is Sephora does not keep that updated. Is there a thread?  
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here you go! see post
I've been having some weird acne like it won't go away and i use so many things every night. So what products for acne are products that are worth spending 
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Hi lillybatt39,   I'd suggest speaking with your dermatologist if the acne issues are persistent. Additionally, kalex and lylysa have been very helpful with their ad... see post
Need help!
Hi! I have struggled with cystic acne throughout high school and now that it has slowed down.. I am now struggling with the large pores and acne scars it has left behind. Anyone know high coverage primer/foundations or anything that can cover these imperfections? 
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Hi KrissyGro,   If you want something with full coverage I would suggest Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation - this provides a lot of coverage and can easy cover any disc... see post
Acne prone oily skin foundation
I've had acne for years, and I only ever found one product when I was like 16 my derm prescribed that helped but it got discontinued.i have tragically oily skin too. I've gotten my skin to an okay point using cera ve cleanser and moisturizer and witch hazel toner. I don't get many new break outs now in general. But as soon as I apply a foundation, primer, or even just a setting powder to smooth me out a little I flare up within the hour. I've been not wearing makeup for a month because I couldn't take it but I love makeup and it's making me sad. Any brand suggestions? I'm looking for more light coverage like the bareskin. I'll list what I've tried below   tarte Amazonian clay powder foundation (I'm absolutely in love with this because it caters to my peach undertone) bareskin bareminerals bareminerals powder revlon colorstay liquid (this broke me out like crazy and was also too cool toned to look natural on me) MUFE HD invisible coverage it cosmetics(both powders and the liquid)
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If you're looking for more light-medium coverage I would try the Sephora brand CC cream. I have very oily skin but this doesn't bother my skin at all. I actually get the... see post