am i allergic to my makeup?
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 Hi there,


I wanted to ask how I can figure out if I am allergic to my makeup.



So I've been having pimples for a while- and this is new to me. I usually have one every month or so. Now every day I have a few bumps on my face that soon turn into pimples, while also having whiteheads, it's a whole process.


I realize that up until 3 years ago I didn't wear any foundation or concealer. Just some eyeliner and mascara at most. At this time my face was clear like I said the occasional pimple every blue moon, my main issue was always skin discoloration.


I've used MAC products in the last three years. I tried their foundations and I always seemed to have a color match issue. I now use their mineralize concealer and this has been since April 2012. I am curious if the acne is related to my makeup.


To be honest- up until a few months ago I never used makeup brushes, just my hands. I didn't ensure my hands were clean immediately before applying and I didn't use a face primer.  I wonder if this contributed to my skin dilemna. 


I noticed this last week that I put concealer on my trouble spots - chin, left cheek, left eyebrow. And almost daily I have new bumps starting to form and pimples replace the old ones, it's a cycle. I wonder if this is because I am putting the makeup there?!


My cleansing routine is good and I do ensure to take my makeup off properly every night.



Also in regards to Smashbox- I tried their foundation first time about three years ago-color match was the issue. Loved their tinted moisturizer but I broke out heavily during that week trial. Recently I tried their foundation again just a spot test at Sephora and within 2 hours I had a pimple starting out in that exact spot.


Can someone PLEASE shed light on this? I am curious if these make up brands in particular are causing these break outs.


If so- what's my solution?


Are there other brands I can try? Or should I just go natural for a while and hopefully the breakouts stop and I can deal with skin discoloration. I would hate to go naked on my face for a while if I am allergic to makeup in general but in the end I have learned it's better to have some skin discoloration and look blah then look done up and breaking out Smiley Sad


I currently have MAC foundation, concealer and a Smashbox tester at home that I can play with to see if they are causing it. if someone can suggest how to go about this that would be great!



Also---> I have a big project at work this week and I MUST wear concealer- is there a way to wear it without breaking out in the mean time?


Sorry for all the questions but you people are way more helpful then the makeup artists i come across sometimes.

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Hey sorry to hear about this. I've had those problems, except sometimes my face would break out into painful itchy, burning patches. I would go honestly talk to a dermotologist, maybe isolate the source. I use benefit and never ever use liquid foundation. Especially for oily skin prone to breakouts, I would look for hypoallergenic, dermotologist tested powder makeups. clinique is good, but don't experiment with your entire face. Best of luck!

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