Which type of clarisonic brush is best for me and my skin type?

Hello! I am looking into purchasing a Clarisonic facial brush, but I am unsure of which one would be best for me and my skin type. I have moderate to severe acne, un-even skin tone, blackheads and VERY VERY oily skin. I have been on the Pill for about 2 years now to try to control my acne with little to no improvement. (I'm looking into switching Pills to see if that will help.) I am not lazy about taking care of my skin in the least, as I take care to wash my morning and night, in addition to exfoliating and moisturizing as needed to take off makeup and to hydrate my skin. My main goals would be to clear up my skin and improve its overall quality. Also, the cost is another thing to consider, as I am 16 and do not have a job as of yet. I would love to hear any suggestions from people, but it would be best if they had a similar skin type to mine. I just want to know if a Clarisonic brush is something that could potentially help me, and if so, which brush(es) would be best for me and my skin type. Thanks a bunch! Smiley Happy

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Get the basic Mia and once your skin gets used to it get the replacement brush head for acne prone skin(its the green and white one). I use the Clean Start by Dermalogica line along with my Mia and it helps a lot. Also Biore or Boscia pore strips for blackheads are great. Hope this helps!

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