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What works best for acne scars (holes) and minimizing large pores?
What works best for healing & concealing depressed acne scars and something to minimize large pores? Xoxo
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I have several serious acne scars, including the dreaded "icepick" type; there is no product available over the counter that will eliminate this type of scar, so please don't waste your money on any that claim to.  You can minimize them with a primer that kinda fills them in and by using makeup, but no product is going to make them disappear.  As far as visible pores, the thing that I have tried that has made mine less noticeable is the Clarisonic Mia.  Products that contain salicylic and glycloic acid help with keeping pores exfoliated also.  Neutogena makes a toner that contains both.   It's a continous ongoing process with our kind of skin, not something you can do once and be done with.  Good news is that other issues like wrinkles and aging aren't as big of a problem!Smiley Happy

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