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What is the best peel to fade mainly acne marks/scars and general discolorations on the skin??

What is the best peel to fade mainly acne marks/scars and general discolorations on the skin??


I have combo/oily skin with occational breakouts

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The Perricone blue plasma peel would be a really good product for you to try, it's a peel but won't be harsh in your skin like a regular peel. Hope this helps!

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Is there a specific reason you are wanting to go the route of a peel?


There are many options out there for fading discoloration brought on by an assortment of reasons from acne, scarring, sun damage, and aging.


When most people think of peels there's an almost immediate sense of a very potent, very active, highly concentrated method to solve and treat various skin issues. And yes, though peels are generally deemed as such because they're meant to be specialty treatments, that doesn't mean they are quick or even solve-all fixes that can sweep away issues with just one or little use.


Discoloration or hyperpigmentation doesn't just develop overnight, so the reversal and treatment process of the issue won't be anything overnight either.


Peels rely on powerful, chemical based exfoliants like glycolic acid (fruit sugars/enzymes), lactic acid (milk sugars and proteins), salicylic acid, retinol, vitamin C, beta hydroxy acid (BHA), alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), or even a combination (poly hydroxy acids or PHA). These help promote new and healthy skin regeneration on a cellular level and help by fade discoloration by shedding top layers of skin suffering from the hyperpigmenation at a quicker rate than usual to expose the new, healthy layers.


Of course the market has since opened up with a much wider aray of peels at different potency levels, and frankly, if you're unsure of which way to go it's best to consult a dermatologist or skinc are therapist. Do some research on products, bring items in, ask questions during a consultation to see what would best work with your skin, give you results, but not overwhelm or overpower your skin. You don't want to be hasty and overdo it.


I would start off actually with using a serum, I've used Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum for my post acne marks and love it. It's very gentle and uses vitamin C to combat the oxidative damage and helps with brightening and evening my skin tone without making it sensitive. It's not sticky or thick feeling and has a nice, light citrus scent.


Ole also makes a Lemon Strip Flash Peel that has a combination of the ingredients I listed above that can be used anywhere from 1-2x a month (depending on your skin's tolerance and reaction to the potency level) to further aid the treatment of pairing it with a serum, which is better for everyday use and maintainence.




What has been working WONDERS on my skin, which is a battleground of post-acne scares, pigmentation and 'dimples' is the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. I do it once-twice a week at night and afterwards, I always moisturize with Tarte's Maracuja Oil mixed with a hydrating serum (you can use any, but I LOVE the one by Sibu Beauty). In the morning, my face is smooth, bright, plump and glowing. Not glowing in the oily sense. My skin has been clearing up in a major way and I know it has a lot to do with this product. Make sure you do a patch test first. I have sensitive skin, but I have no issues with this at all. I leave it on for 20 minutes, which is 10 minutes longer than the suggestion on the box. Good luck!


Also, to the OP, I posted in a thread about skin brightening with info on many commonly used ingredients in terms of ingredients and forms of protection to also maintain your skin while treating it!

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I have tried absolutely everything and the only thing that has worked is the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion pads. They have a gentle version as well. This practically started working for me overnight. The trick to control acne is benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. These pads have salicylic and glycolic acid and I use a neutrogena benzoyl peroxide wash. Hope this helps. 



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