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If you use an electric cleansing brush, like the Clarisonic, daily, is that considered over-exfoliation? Are cleansing brushes for cleansing or exfoliation??

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Generally what the common theme regarding Clarisonic on these boards is that its best to use 2-3x week. A lot of people like to use Murad clarifying cleanser if they are prone to acne or Origins Checks and Balances facewash for something more creamy. I use the sensitive brush head with a light touch and I think it is exfoliation enough although many people will use a physical exfoliator 1x week (please nothing made out of crushed peach pits if you know what I'm saying...Smiley Happy. I personally perfer a mild chemical exfoliant instead 1-2x week in addition to my clarisonic usage. I found this has really helped prevent me getting chin zits! And if you have or are thinking about getting a clarisonic, I think you'll find 2x seems like a lot on your skin.

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