Teeny tiny white bumps on my chin and jaw. Help?
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I seem to be cursed with little tiny white bumps all over my chin, jaw, and upper neck. I'm 23 years old and I've had a least a few since I was in my early teens. However, they have become significantly worse in the past 6 months or so. I have dozens of them. =(


It's definitely not acne. These just look like little white/ flesh colored bumps (I have fair skin). They only hurt when I try to extract/ pop them. Some of them will pop (white gunk will come out, but only very little), but some of them wont budge.


It's very frustrating because I have absolutely no idea how to get rid of them.To top it off, I have extremely sensitive skin, acne prone, and combination skin (oily t-zone and normal- dry cheeks). Most acne medications tend to dry out my skin.



Does anyone know how to treat/ remove/ eliminate these?


I'm open to trying cleansers, masks, serums, etc. As well natural products (i.e., oils, etc.). Any suggestions would be much appreciated it!


Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi littlejoy, that must be so annoying. My best advice is to go to the Dermatologist. You should try to avoid messing with them, you can make it worse and cause scars. I know how aggravating acne and various problems like this are since I am super, super fair skinned. Are you using any makeup on those areas?


Sometimes acne near the chin and jaw can be caused by hormonal changes, don't know if this is what's going on with you though. I know it is something that nobody wants to do, but, I really do think this is an issue for a doctor.  I'm hoping you have insurance, if not, mention that when you set up the appointment and maybe they can work out a monthly payment arrangement, or something like that with you.


We can guess and offer lots of suggestions for lotions and potions and creams and salves but I hate the idea of you spending money for things that might not be what's needed to help you with this condition. That money could go to the doctor where you'll hopefully get a diagnosis and suggestion for what products, prescription or over the counter, would be most beneficial.


I hope you'll come back and update us, hope this can get cleared up. Hope this helped. Hang in there. Smiley Happy


Hey! I would get bumps like that too when I would wax or thread my eyebrows and I was told it was due to a mix of irritation and bacteria that can cause this. Are you doing any type of treatment on that area of your skin? Have you started using any new products? Because usually white flesh colored bumps seems like there's bacteria stuck into the pore of the skin. I would cleanse the skin with a mild soap, something with no fragrance and hypo-allergenic (Clinique for example) and see how that goes. If you see that nothing is changing then definitely try seeing a dermatologist to see if any effective treatment, like prescription creams, can be applied in this case.


Good luck and update us if you can! Smiley Happy



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it could be milia - which are basically dead skin cells that get trapped under the skin's surface. (I get them too and have been doing some research) A dermatologist will remove them, but it's not necessary to spend the money. There is a milia treatment cream, which I've never tried....what works for me is cleansing with something super mild (like Purpose) and exfoliating at least twice a week. They say one of the causes can be from suncreen, so I always make sure to buy suncreen that designated for faces. Hope this helps - good luck!

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