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I'm dying to know if anyone has had a similar experience!! I used my Clarisonic Mia faithfully for 6 months. It seemed my face would get worse, then clear up, get worse, clear up.....and so on. I stopped using it in mid-March due to a nasty sunburn I got while in Florida, here we are, it's almost May and I haven't touched it skin hasn't looked this good in a loooong time and of course I'm thrilled, but did I waste time and money on the Clarisonic?? I don't doubt the brush itself, the company or any of their products but my mind is boggled anyway! Toward the end of my Florida vacation, the sunburn healed and my face seemed I kinda tested the whole situation and stopped using the brush, trying to see if there was a correlation. I'd love to hear some input on this, the Clarisonic is collecting dust.....

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Clairsonic = skin disaster. It was too aggressive--even the sensitive brush head--and left me oilier than ever. Think about it: Your skin naturally sheds cells daily. Something like a soft toothbrush is made for using on cars. The week I quit using mine is the beginning of my best skin ever. No more scrubbing!!


I only use mine three times a week, just for that occasional deep cleaning and dead skin removal (I have try skin). Maybe you were over using? I also am very careful about only using it for the timed one minute (or maybe two or three seconds extra if I need to finish up one spot).


I have pretty clear skin anyway, but this has helped a lot with dryness, actually, I do think it allows moisturizer to absorb better.


You could try using it less, or switching face wash? That has had a big impact on my face in the past, as well. 


I put off buying a Clarisonic forever, and last year during Chic week, I finally broke down and bought one since it was on sale.  I have acne prone skin, some scarring, and large pores on my nose area.  I use it every night in the shower with the deep cleansing brush head and I haven't regretted it since.  I was kicking myself in the beginning for having waited so long.  It doesn't totally clear my face up, but it helps for sure.  I use the face wash from my derm's office, and the two combined has helped keep my face clearer.  I still do have breakouts from time to time, but nothing like before.  Hope this helps! 


Keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. It could also be that that you choose the wrong brush head. There have been many people saying that once they switched to the sensitive brush or normal and so on, that it changed their skin significantly. I started with the Deep pore cleaning brush and don't have problems, hasn't changed my skin significantly but i'm eager to see if a different brush will do better.

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YES!  I was using the acne brush and regimen (with their cleaner) 2x day like they say, and my breakouts never ever got any better.  (Prior to using the Clarisonic, I had been using the Olay brush since 2010.)


I read some tips on here and stopped daily use two weeks ago.  I have not had as many breakouts in the past week.  I feel the same as you...was it a big waste of money??  I use it once a week now, and may use it a little more on my nose as I noticed some dry skin around the folds on each side.


I was at Sephora and I told the woman working there that since stopping daily use of the Clarisonic, my skin has been clearer, and she looked at me like I had said that eating dog poop cures cancer.  She almost looked DISGUSTED that I had suggested that.

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@carrierose I got a similar reaction. I only use mine 3x a week. I was chatting with a Cast Member when I was picking up the deep pore brushes, and she mentioned I should only use it once or twice a week. I said I only use the Clarisonic 3x a week; 2x with the deep pore 1x with the sensitive. She then rudely stated "You don't use it every night in the shower?!?!" No! I never use it in the shower, it wastes too much time & I end up with conditioner all over my face. She shook her head & walked away. 

I chemically exfoliate almost every night, I don't need the clarisonic every night. 

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I own a Clarisonic brush and use it from time to time, but sometimes I am afraid to use it-  when I get breakouts, I think it can spread bacteria and aggravate acne more. But one thing I know for sure- sun helps with acne. When i tan i am almost 100% acne free. I know its aging the skin and all , but my skin looks the best when I tan, it looks fresh, no pimples and glowing. Also your old skin peeled of-f so its the same effect as the chemical peels people use from acne or wrinkles, but unfortunately sun has damaging UV rays that age the skin. So I think the sun cured your skin!

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I have a Clarisonic Mia.  I quickly found using it everyday was way too much for my face.  I went through a period where I didn't use it at all.  However, I tend to get a build up of dead skin cells on my face if I don't use some sort of exfoliation, so I now use the clarisonic 1-2x per week.  I don't find any increase in breakouts because of it and if anything I'd say the occasional use seems to help clear away the buildup to give my face a clearer/brighter/healthier appearance.  

Try cutting back and see what happens?  Also I agree with a previous poster that maybe the sunburn dried up any acne that was going on.  

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I think people read the great reviews and think it will cure all their skin issues.  Which is not the case.  Everyone's skin will react differently.  I have a Clarisonic that I got last Christmas.  When I first got it I used it every other day.  My skin looked terrible.  It was too harsh, too harsh to use everyday.  I cut my use down to once a week.  My skin feels so much better.  I use it for a deeper exfoliation than what a scrub.  I have combo/oily skin and I think adding the Clarisonic to my routine has helped.  You just have to listen to your skin and rememeber that everyone reacts differently to every product or tool.

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i've read reviews on it and some people say that the skin goes through a purging process and then it gets better, but i don't know because i 've never used it.

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