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I'm dying to know if anyone has had a similar experience!! I used my Clarisonic Mia faithfully for 6 months. It seemed my face would get worse, then clear up, get worse, clear up.....and so on. I stopped using it in mid-March due to a nasty sunburn I got while in Florida, here we are, it's almost May and I haven't touched it skin hasn't looked this good in a loooong time and of course I'm thrilled, but did I waste time and money on the Clarisonic?? I don't doubt the brush itself, the company or any of their products but my mind is boggled anyway! Toward the end of my Florida vacation, the sunburn healed and my face seemed I kinda tested the whole situation and stopped using the brush, trying to see if there was a correlation. I'd love to hear some input on this, the Clarisonic is collecting dust.....

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I have a Clarisonic Mia.  I quickly found using it everyday was way too much for my face.  I went through a period where I didn't use it at all.  However, I tend to get a build up of dead skin cells on my face if I don't use some sort of exfoliation, so I now use the clarisonic 1-2x per week.  I don't find any increase in breakouts because of it and if anything I'd say the occasional use seems to help clear away the buildup to give my face a clearer/brighter/healthier appearance.  

Try cutting back and see what happens?  Also I agree with a previous poster that maybe the sunburn dried up any acne that was going on.  

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