Skin produst for adult acne

i am 35 and have very oily sensitve skin where i continue to break out especially around the cheekbones.  do you have an product suggestions?

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I have started using skincare products from Origins over the past few months. They have done WONDERS for my skin. I am 28 and suffer from some breakouts and have slightly oily skin. Here is what I have been using, and am loving it:


Morning- Origins Zero Oil Cleanser, Zero Oil Toner (this is wonderful), and then I moistursine and apply my makeup.

Night - Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser on my Clarisonic, Zero Oil Toner aNd then my moisturizer.  A few times a week I use their Charcoal mask and it makes my skin very refreshed and just looking nice the next morning. 


I just bought their acne spot treatment yesterday because I had a blemish the size of a small planet on my jawline. I applied it before bed and this morning, the blemish has reduced so much and is far less noticeable. Best spot treatment I have tried (and I have tried a ton!)


I have been very impressed with the Origins skincare products I have used so far and plan to try more (moisturizers) once the products I am currently using ruin out! 


I have found the associates at the origins counters are very knowledgable about their products and can really recommend a routine or combination of products that will work for your needs.


sorry for the long rant...I just have never felt happy with my skin's appearance until recently! :-)

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