Skin produst for adult acne

i am 35 and have very oily sensitve skin where i continue to break out especially around the cheekbones.  do you have an product suggestions?

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I was just diagnosed with acne cosmetica. It's a type of acne you get from makeup or skin care products. You get small under the skin bumps on cheeks and chin. My advice is to go to dermatologist or skin care clinic and have them give you medicated cleansers and a chemical peel. Figure out what is causing it and elimate it. If you continue to use over the counter products it will damage your skin and make it drier. Use Bare Minerals! Love it and it is helping, but I am also using medicated cleansers. 


I have started using skincare products from Origins over the past few months. They have done WONDERS for my skin. I am 28 and suffer from some breakouts and have slightly oily skin. Here is what I have been using, and am loving it:


Morning- Origins Zero Oil Cleanser, Zero Oil Toner (this is wonderful), and then I moistursine and apply my makeup.

Night - Origins Checks and Balances Cleanser on my Clarisonic, Zero Oil Toner aNd then my moisturizer.  A few times a week I use their Charcoal mask and it makes my skin very refreshed and just looking nice the next morning. 


I just bought their acne spot treatment yesterday because I had a blemish the size of a small planet on my jawline. I applied it before bed and this morning, the blemish has reduced so much and is far less noticeable. Best spot treatment I have tried (and I have tried a ton!)


I have been very impressed with the Origins skincare products I have used so far and plan to try more (moisturizers) once the products I am currently using ruin out! 


I have found the associates at the origins counters are very knowledgable about their products and can really recommend a routine or combination of products that will work for your needs.


sorry for the long rant...I just have never felt happy with my skin's appearance until recently! :-)


I use the Clinque acne foaming face wash and toner once a day and see great results (the third step face moisturizer was only so-so. Swapped it out for a drugstore one that works much better for me for half the price)

The line isn't as aggressive as most drugstore acne treatments (which seemed to be geared at adolescent type acne) leaves my face smooth and soft. I've also seen a great reduction in my overall acne and reduced severity in hormonal related break outs. 


But look for any 3 step system, they're geared at taking care of the acne in fazes and have matched treatment formulations in each product. This way you can control how much to use of each cleanser in case you need more of one and less of another. 


The Murad Acne line or the Kate Somerville blemish banisher set are two great choices! Hope this helps!

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