Should I reintroduce retinol in my regimen?
I stopped using the products my dermatologist prescribed (including retinol) to treat my mild acne about 6 weeks ago because it wasn't really working. I think (and really hope) I have found a regimen that is working because I haven't gotten any acne in about 4 weeks. Right now I'm using Cerave hydrating cleanser, Kate Somerville clarifying toner, Juice Beauty blemish serum and Boscia clear complexion moisturizer. I've been wondering if I should try and slowly reintroduce the retinol as an extra acne fighting product, as well as to help with anti-aging (I'm in my mid-30s). Or should I leave things alone?
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You should keep using it, but maybe only a few nights a week. The acne gets a little worse before it gets better, but the results of long term use are worth it - reduces fine lines, fades spots, and keeps skin glowing. I am 32 and have used it 7 years.


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Hi lo1978. I'm in my late twenties and I was also given a retinol prescription by my derm. Like you I thought it wasn't working at first and I gave up and started searching for other products. I started to see a dramatic change for the better in my face and realize that it wasn't the new products but actually the prescription. I didn't give it chance to work because I like to see immediate results which just isn't realistic. It really does need time to work and think you should give it another shot. You could also ask your doctor for a different type of retinol, as there are many. Maybe you just need a different one. Hope this helps you. Goodluck!

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Those are some great products you're using in your regimen! I would continue on with those. Leave your skin happy. I agree with the previous comment...leave things alone. Keep up with this routine to make your skin feeling great.

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If you do decide to introduce retinol back into your skin care routine, try do start off sparingly at every 3 days for a week, then every 2 days, then every other day to see how your skin reacts to the addition of retinol again.


I recommend using Philosophy's Booster Caps, which has a lower perfectage of retinol compared to their Help Me cream, the caps have a very silky serum inside, it feels like a silicone/dimethicone primer almost, and one capsule can be used for the face, neck, and even chest area. You can apply it as is or mix it into your lotion. These caps allow for a fresh dose of retinol as they are individually sealed and  used one by one rather than a cream or lotion being exposed to oxygen upon opening. The more mild formula may be better for your skin as it's more gentle.

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