Sensitive skin with breakouts!
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Help! I am breaking out like crazy! I have small bumps all over my face and a few that slowly keep developing into full blown angry red pimples. I have never had breakouts like this before in my life. My skin is very sensitive, so anytime I use acne medicated skincare products, my face and eyes swell up and become one big rash. Last time I tried Clinique's Acne Solutions, I had to go to the doctor to get a shot just to get the swelling to go down. 

So, are there any products I can use for my acne ridden sensitive skin? I am desperate! Thank you. 

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My guess is the benzoyl peroxide in the products. I always felt the use of benzoyl and salicylic acid together irritated the skin. Since you went to the doctor's, did you at least ask for product recommendations? Start with that first because your doctor might be able to tell you what ingredients you're allergic to before you proceed to look for another product. I hope this helps and good luck!

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