SKINCARE help. Teenage, acne prone, hyperpigmentation prone, overall problematic skin.
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I'm trying to complete/ perfect my skin care routine. I have acne prone, combination skin. I have some left over acne scarring.. which I'm TRYING to get rid of. 


Overall, I need some help finding:


-A gentle cleanser (preferably paraben/ sulfate free)


*I'm currently using Cetaphil Cleanser. 

*I was thinking of trying the Boscia Clear Compexion Cleanser


-A daytime moisturizer with a high SPF (to prevent darkening of my acne scars)


*It has to sit well underneath my makeup.. and provide enough moisture.. without breaking me out.


-A nightime ALL OVER treatment (something that isn't drying)


*I was thinking of purchasing the Dermalogica Clean Start (Bedtime for breakouts). I've tried it before, and really liked it. It manages to prevent any new acne from forming.. but doesn't dry out my skin. 


If you have any recomendations, let me know!! 

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For a gentle, oil reducing or acne preventative cleanser, I would recommend the Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser, though it is quite pricey. For an inexpensive, comparable product, I really like the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads. They can be found at most drug stores for around $7. A high SPF daytime moisturizer that I like is the Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen High Protection SPF 40: . Once again, definitely on the expensive side, but worth the price in my opinion for its high SPF and wonderful light moisturising feel. My all-time favorite treatment for acne is the Origins Super Spot Remover: . I haven't ever really tried it all over my face, but I think it would probably be effective used that way and it is not drying and super effective. Hope this helps!

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