Recommendations on dark spot correctors/acne scar fading
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I have a few acne scars and a few regular scars along with some darker freckles on different areas of my face and I was wondering what are some acne scar fading treatments out there and can I use them to help lighten the freckles as well or should I use a dark spot corrector on those.  Im not currently using anything special on any areas just sunscreen and Ole Henrieksen Truth Serum.  Any suggestions/recommendations are greatly appreciated.  Thanks


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I used Origins Brighter by Nature peels (just substitute the toner step with this, then put on a slightly heavier moisturizer), and the Caudalie dark spot serum on different occasions. I saw improvement with both, but only after a week of consistent use (3 peels used every 3 days, or serum every night for a week). I recommend them, but make sure to be diligent with SPF since treatments can increase sun sensitivity.


If you like peels but have sensitive skin, Dr. Gross alpha beta is very gentle. If you like it tough, ExfoliKate really stings on my face.

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I've been meaning to try those Origins peels. Are they good for acne-prone skin? I have acne scars, but I still get acne.
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I think you should be fine. I wipe with the pads, but gently dab over soft acne if any. I would not recommend using it over raw/open acne. I notice it reduced the size and lightened the color of some bumps on my skin, and made my skin super smooth. It can be used if you get acnes, but it doesn't help or worsen them...unless you count drying as helpful.

It may stings a tiny bit but nothing as bad as ExfoliKate. I use a slightly heavier moisturizer than usual right after the peel and put on SPF 30 instead of SPF15.

p.s. There was also the...either "forall" or "yourgift" with a Murad duo option. It's 1oz clay mask that's great for drying up pimples and .5oz gel that's suppose to lighten and smooth acne scars.
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