Origins vs Boscia (hormonal acne)
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I want to switch to gentler skincare products to treat my acne and dark acne marks. I have alot of active breakouts with some cystic acne. The breakouts are on mainly on my cheeks and along my jaw. I'm interested in Origins or Boscia. Which is a better line for acne or discoloration?

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I have had much more luck with Origins than Boscia. I recommend the United State Toner and Checks and Balances Cleanser if you go that route. I wasn't a fan of any of the moisturizers I tried from those lines but I do like Mario Badescu Control Cream for avoiding flare ups or redness. If you have cystic acne though no matter what other products you try I recommend also using the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion. I have used it for almost two years now and its so wonderful. You apply it at night on your cysts as soon as you notice them and it will help with the pain and redness while "deflating" your cysts. I have noticed a drastic difference since using this product and I hardly get cysts any longer. Mine were always on my jaw as well.

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