My face won't stop breaking out?

This might be kind of long. I was using Differin from derm and it stopped working so I started using a Salyclic acid cleanser from Biore and it's kept my skin mostly clear for the last 6 weeks. I also use a Clarisonic. Now I have three cystic pimples on my cheeks (I NEVER used to breakout on my cheeks), two on my chin and I came home today and found I have a new one on my forehead. I also have t ton on tiny under the skin bumps on my chin. What is going on?? My skin wasn't even this barowen I went to the derm the first time! Is there anything you would recommend? Mask, treatment, anything. My skin is also pretty oily.



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ahhh acne and oilness and how to control them...being a male and very concerned about it but I think I have been able to tame it.


i suggest you use a Salyclic acid based cleanser(from murad or biore)

tone with a Salyclic acid based toner(one from clinique is really good, it gets the medicine at a more microscopic level)

Moisturizer and Mattifyer:



You want to make sure that your products are oil free and dont have any petrochemicals, those are the ones that will clog your pores.


in addition, eating more greens, vegetables, and having 8 ounces of good green tea will help balance your body's natural production of external oils(there is biology too). take good vitamins, and reduce foods with too many omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acid. 

reduce stress, and for 15 minutes a day, mediate and let the mind be free and relieve yourself.

I also suggest, doing an overhaul of makeup routines if you use any. Try not using making up for 30 days, it might help your body restore the natural Ph Balance of your skin, and when you have do a new regimen. 

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How long were you on Differin?  I would see your dermatologist again.  Perhaps a script for Ziana might work.  It is a bit different than Differin, but it is nice in that it is still gel based and goes on clear.  Also, keep track of when these big break outs are occurring.  It might be hormonal acne.  Marking a calendar and over a period of a few months, you may notice a pattern for cystic acne.  Cystic acne is very difficult to treat.  Many topical agents will not work on it.  One poster mentioned birth control, I used to use it and it did help, but I can no longer take it due to migraines.  I use Accutane for my cystic acne.  It is a very serious drug with very serious side effects.  I chose to use it as a last resort and it was in my mid 30s when I did.  Even with that after 2 years, my acne did resurface, but not as bad as it once was.  How long have you been using the Clarisonic?  That can purge acne too.  I sue the sensitive head, if you are using a acne brsuh on it or deep pore, that may be aggravating.

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also if you are drinking a lot of soft drinks weather they are diet or not, you should be making sure you are hydrated because the water pushes the toxins out of your system. Sometimes it can be due to overuse of problems. I used to think I needed to skip the moisturizer because of my  oily skin but actually and oil free moisturizer acts as a barrier to bacteria. There is a balance it is just a matter of keep trying to see what works the best. I find I have to change between summer and winter skin regimens.

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