My face won't stop breaking out?

This might be kind of long. I was using Differin from derm and it stopped working so I started using a Salyclic acid cleanser from Biore and it's kept my skin mostly clear for the last 6 weeks. I also use a Clarisonic. Now I have three cystic pimples on my cheeks (I NEVER used to breakout on my cheeks), two on my chin and I came home today and found I have a new one on my forehead. I also have t ton on tiny under the skin bumps on my chin. What is going on?? My skin wasn't even this barowen I went to the derm the first time! Is there anything you would recommend? Mask, treatment, anything. My skin is also pretty oily.



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Hi Brittany,

One major thing that most skin care products lack is keeping your skin at a natural pH.  Our skin is naturally slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5.  When we wash our face with different products including water (neutral with a pH of 7) we end up stripping what is called the acid mantel from our faces.  This is what naturally keeps bacteria etc from proliferating on our skin.  Luckily or face is able to regenerate this acid mantel, but this process takes roughly 14 hours, and we generally wash our faces twice a day, which never allows the appropriate time for us to fully regenerate the acid mantel.  This results in our skin constantly producing oil (giving oily skin) and never allows our skin to naturally "catch up" to our treatments.  The product I would personally recommend for you to try is the Clear Advantage Line from Arbonne ].  This is a Swiss formulated, all natural product, with no preservatives and no harmful chemicals.  The toner step (used after the cleanser) returns your skin to the appropriate pH, so that your skin doesn't need to play "catch up".  It also comes with a spot treatment that will help clear up blemishes that appear.  My wife started using this and noticed her acne started clearing up within 3 days of use.  As these products go a long way, you don't need to use very much at a time, and this set should last roughly 3-4 months with washing your face twice a day.  Hopefully that helps!

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