My face won't stop breaking out?

This might be kind of long. I was using Differin from derm and it stopped working so I started using a Salyclic acid cleanser from Biore and it's kept my skin mostly clear for the last 6 weeks. I also use a Clarisonic. Now I have three cystic pimples on my cheeks (I NEVER used to breakout on my cheeks), two on my chin and I came home today and found I have a new one on my forehead. I also have t ton on tiny under the skin bumps on my chin. What is going on?? My skin wasn't even this barowen I went to the derm the first time! Is there anything you would recommend? Mask, treatment, anything. My skin is also pretty oily.



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breaking out is actually a good thing. it means that the new products that you're using are WORKING, by getting all the gunk out of your pores! 

Plus, using a clarisonic will do the same thing. It makes your skin purge and release all the pimples underneath the skin. 

Just stick with it, and hopefully it will clear up! In the mean time, drink lots of water!! 



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