My face won't stop breaking out?

This might be kind of long. I was using Differin from derm and it stopped working so I started using a Salyclic acid cleanser from Biore and it's kept my skin mostly clear for the last 6 weeks. I also use a Clarisonic. Now I have three cystic pimples on my cheeks (I NEVER used to breakout on my cheeks), two on my chin and I came home today and found I have a new one on my forehead. I also have t ton on tiny under the skin bumps on my chin. What is going on?? My skin wasn't even this barowen I went to the derm the first time! Is there anything you would recommend? Mask, treatment, anything. My skin is also pretty oily.



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Hey so I have nooo idea if this will be helpful at all, but a year ago my face wouldn't stop breaking out (I thought it was initial breakout from tretinoin but I gave up - too horrible, just awful awful awful), and after lots of changes, my skin is in really great shape. just so you have some context, I do have oily skin, but my cheeks get dry pretty easily. when my skin was at its worst, it seemed really red and stressed out, so I wanted to do something to cut down on inflammation and see if my diet was at fault. Long story short, I started using really gentle products and only washing my face at night since I noticed my skin looked its best right when I woke up and then looked worse after I washed it - I do use the clinique mild clarifying lotion/toner (the alcohol free one) in the morning though. My skin care regimen right now is: MORNING -clinique mild clarifying lotion (really a toner), a little dr.gross trifix acne stuff if I need it, some FAB aloe+ soothing gel, then shiseido urban environment sunscreen. NIGHT - the clinique mild face wash OR amore pacific enzyme peel (I sub this in a few times a week - love this stuff), a little dr.gross trifix acne stuff if I need it, then FAB aloe+soothing gel as a moisturizer.


Also, I cut out dairy completely, which helped, then drastically reduced my added-sugar intake, which helped a lot more. I noticed I'd still break out whenever I ate a ton of pancakes or banana bread or whatever, so I've been cutting down on gluten grains and it's been FANTASTIC. my skin looks fabulous. I try to eat lots of veggies, brown rice/quinoa, beans, low glycemic index stuff, green tea, water. worked great for me and might be worth a shot!

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