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HI! My brother, who is 18, is frustrated with his acne. I have been tentative to give him suggestions for a few reasons being that I have a clear face myself, I don't really know what to do, and I don't want to further the problem. He is also very self conscious about it, so the conversation doesn't come up often. This morning though, we deciding letting you all help might be a good thing.


 I'd say he has moderate acne. It constantly covers his face and he has scars from past pimples. He does not get any abnormally large ones, just the normal whiteheads and red pin points. 


As of now he uses OXY face pads twice a day and he also uses the face wash, though I'm not sure how often. He complains that even with this regimen it seems like new pimples keep appearing. This is what the packaging of the products look like. 

Salicylic Acid is the main ingredient in both. I have used the pads occasionally when I am trying to get rid of a minor blemish, and it feels very drying. The face wash has a pretty offensive smell to it. He gets both at walgreens. 


My thoughts are that these products, and how often he is using them, are drying out his skin to the extent where his skin is now producing excess oils. Is this correct? I also thought exfoliating might help,  but I don't know. 


My main questions are- 

Would exfoliating help?

Is he over drying his face?

What products should he use?

and Is there a way to get rid of his scars?


Thank you so much for your help! He is going off to college next year; I think this is why he has been so worried about it recently. 


~We are all beautiful~

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My brother is the same age and has been in the same situation. He tried very similar things to the OXY treatment pads but were a different brand and while they kept them at bay they never helped tremendously. My best advice for your brother would be to have him go to a dermatologist. Thats what my brother ended up doing and there has been a dramatic change in his acne. For the better of course! Depending on his acne the dermatologist with most likely prescribe an antibotic for him to take or some kind of wash and topical creme.

As for the scars I actually have the same problem and I use the Dr. Brandt Dark Spots No More Serum. Its a bit pricey but it definitely gets the job done. Hope this helps and good luck!

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