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My Face Is Like Zit-Central.
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Recently, My face has been attacked by probably the worst breakout I've ever had.

It's still not as bad compared to some, but for me, its bad.

I'm using a medicated Acne cream, and it seems to work, but before it works you break out horribly.

Do any of you know natural ways to clear your face up? I need to have it cleared pronto.

I feel HIDEOUS when my face is covered in pimples. It's SO gross.

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I have chronic acne and I adore Dr. Dennis Gross and the MDSkincare line, particularly the Trifix Acne Clearing lotion. If you are looking for a more natural approach, try the new Bliss No Sit Sherlock set. I have a friend who swears by it.


In the mean time, take a look at any environmental causes of your breakout. Since this isn't the norm for you you may have added, changed or deleted something that was keeping you clear. Reversing the change would be the most natural way of fixing it.

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