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I got a delux sample from sephora 2 months ago and I used it is few times but didn't really get into it. Now I'm concerned about my acne scars and wanted to lighten them but the product has turned a slight yellow color. I can't remember if it was that slight yellow color to begin with or not and every picture shows it has clear gel. Has my bottle spoiled in 2 months? Sould I throw it out and or still use it? Thanks very much for any help.

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Is the product doesnt leave any side effect? anyway, sometimes every product don't expired at all at the date stated in the packaging, mostly it still have 3 to 6 months grace period to conclude it already expired.




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Hey, James! Welcome to the forums, as a side note, Sephora itself doesn't allow the posting of outside links in threads. So websites from blogs, personal pages, other company sites, etc.. aren't allowed to be promoted and advertised. You can make mention of a certain product not carried by Sephora, but can't directly link it. Just a heads up! Smiley Happy
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