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I got a delux sample from sephora 2 months ago and I used it is few times but didn't really get into it. Now I'm concerned about my acne scars and wanted to lighten them but the product has turned a slight yellow color. I can't remember if it was that slight yellow color to begin with or not and every picture shows it has clear gel. Has my bottle spoiled in 2 months? Sould I throw it out and or still use it? Thanks very much for any help.

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Hi Jolindsay, 

Sometimes this is just the natural effect of the serums as time goes by. As long as you made sure to keep the cap tightly closed you should be fine, but in case the product has lost some of its potency, keep an eye out for any irritation you may have and follow up with an SPF to keep your skin bright! If for any reason you feel it's not as effective you should definitely switch to a fresh sample.

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I have tried absolutely everything and the only thing that has worked is the Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion pads. They have a gentle version as well. This practically started working for me overnight. The trick to control acne is benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid. These pads have salicylic and glycolic acid and I use a neutrogena benzoyl peroxide wash. My blemish and blemish marks are completely gone and it hasn't even been a week. Hope this helps. 

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See if maybe there's a small image of an open jar with a time frame normally writted as "3M" or "6M" to represent "3 months" or "6 months", this icon can normally be found on lables near the bottom of products and is the approxiate shelf life of an item if kept in proper conditions (normally in areas not near excessive moisture, dampness, direct/prolonged light/sun exposure).


I've seen bottles of the stuff have a clear look to a slight yellow tinge, so it can just be the natural change the product takes on.


If you're questioning whether you should still use it, it's better to be safe than sorry, but you can always test spot it on a smaller, more minor area as opposed to using it on all portions of your face that need it.


With any brightening/fading/lightening product it usually takes 4 weeks for results to show, and full/better results anywhere from 8-12 weeks so be prepared to be patient and have some dedication to a product.


Personally I like Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum, which uses vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone as opposed to hydroquinone which can make skin light sensitive (be sure to use it at night only but if you use it during the day, follow up with a higher SPF of at least 20 or 30).

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Is the product doesnt leave any side effect? anyway, sometimes every product don't expired at all at the date stated in the packaging, mostly it still have 3 to 6 months grace period to conclude it already expired.




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