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Makeup and skincare while taking accutane

Can anyone recommend good makeup and skincare products that work well for someone taking accutane? I will be starting treatment in a month and I'd like to be prepared. I know it causes MAJOR skin and lip dryness and flaking of skin. If anyone has taken accutane and found good products I would be grateful for their recommendations. Thank you!

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Hey there,


I did a low-dose accutane treatment that I completed just over one year ago.  Even on my low-dose regimen, I experienced painfully dry lips (and the occasional nosebleed in the winter). Fortunately, the skin on my face did not become super dry, just normal to fairly dry (which was an incredibly welcome change from my oily skin).  I like Philosophy's hope in a jar for face and Fresh lip treatment for lips.  My doctor okayed philosophy moisturizer for my face, but told me flat out that petroleum jelly is the best thing for lips and I should save my money.  Good luck!



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