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I used to use Epiduo but that was SO expensive! Around $200 for a tube, then my derm switched me to Differin which is $70 a tube. The thing is I just don't feel like its doing its job. I'm still getting acne on my face. I get the gross pus-filled pimples hat leave s scar, my scars are gone except for 3 but I keep getting them so I'm going to get more scars too. Here's my current regimen. Wash with PTR Glycolic acid 3% wash with Clarisonic Prescription cleanser Plexion (5% sulfur and 10% sulfacetamide) Witch Hazel toner Differin gel cerave moisturizer. Once a week I also use a at home chemical peel which is 30% Glycolic acid which has helped get rid of my scars. I'm really looking for just an acne treatment gel or something to replace the Differin. Ay ideas? I've been looking at PTR and DDFs Glycolic acid moisturizer/treatments, would they be good? Or should I look for something else? I've tried DDF BP and tea tree treatment and it didn't work. I need something that will get rid of the nasty pus filled pimples!
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I agree with lem37.  I had very bad acne from the age of 10 (now in my 30's).  The only real success I had was when I tried treating my skin as if it were dry and sensitive.  This was extremely difficult for me to wrap my head around as i have very oily skin and had spent 20 years thinking I needed to use products for oily acne-prone skin.  But the harshness of the products is what was continuing to aggravate my skin and cause new break-outs.  I constantly had acne scars and new pimples to deal with (and my scars take up to 12 months to fade on my fair skin).  


My regimen now is a very gentle (but thorough) cleanser (morning and night), and a gentle moisturizer (morning and night).  No more toners, no more acne creams / gels.  No more scrubs or masks or pulling or tugging or anything.  I tried this for 4 week (2 weeks to treat the surface and 2 more weeks to purge what's lurking underneath).  2 skin cycles, essentially.  It worked better than anything i had ever tried before.  I also included some vitamins and a half litre of water in the morning while getting ready and a half litre of water right before bed, and noticed a difference there too.  


I started using Cetaphil for dry skin (very foreign for me to use anything for dry skin).  It worked.  I have since switched to Avene cleansing milk, and Avene Hydrance lotion.  They are about $30 each, but they are like magic for me.  Strange as it sounds, whenever my skin started to misbehave I would make sure i really moisturized before bed and there would be noticeable improvements in the morning.

About once a month or so i will still do an aspirin face mask (aspirin is salicylic acid).  After washing, leave your face wet, and dissolve 1 plain uncoated aspirin in your palm.  Gently smooth it over your whole face (don't get tempted to scrub!).  Let it dry.  once dry, brush off all the bits.  You can rinse and moisturize or leave it on overnight and wash in the morning.  When you first try this i would only leave it on for about 30 min to see how your skin handles it.  I once applied it to a spot and covered with a bandaid overnight and it burned my skin, so take it slow and don't overstress your skin.


Good luck!

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