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I used to use Epiduo but that was SO expensive! Around $200 for a tube, then my derm switched me to Differin which is $70 a tube. The thing is I just don't feel like its doing its job. I'm still getting acne on my face. I get the gross pus-filled pimples hat leave s scar, my scars are gone except for 3 but I keep getting them so I'm going to get more scars too. Here's my current regimen. Wash with PTR Glycolic acid 3% wash with Clarisonic Prescription cleanser Plexion (5% sulfur and 10% sulfacetamide) Witch Hazel toner Differin gel cerave moisturizer. Once a week I also use a at home chemical peel which is 30% Glycolic acid which has helped get rid of my scars. I'm really looking for just an acne treatment gel or something to replace the Differin. Ay ideas? I've been looking at PTR and DDFs Glycolic acid moisturizer/treatments, would they be good? Or should I look for something else? I've tried DDF BP and tea tree treatment and it didn't work. I need something that will get rid of the nasty pus filled pimples!
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Hi britani! I had very similar skin to yours up until about 6 months ago. Very painful, large acne. Looking at your regimen, you may be "over treating" your skin. Too many chemicals in wash and prep (+ prescription meds like Differin) can cause your skin to either become extremely irritated or dry out, which itself causes more sebum and pimples. I changed my regimen to Purity Made Simple + Epiduo + Cerave moisturizer (AM or PM), and haven't looked back since. The key was a very simple, basic cleanser (no chemicals) and a hydrating moisturizer, and no peels or masks. Let the prescription do its work. Hope this helps!
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