Longest acne problem

I'm 18 years old and recently I suffered from a disease. The cure is to take the medicine prednisone for about a year and it has nasty side effects of horrible acne which sucks because I've always had good skin and a puffy, inflamed face.These side effects will be around much longer but I can't take them anymore. My doctor says there not much I can do so any advice/tips for this, possible products I can use? Thank you all

Re: Longest acne problem

Agreed with Diana.


Although I can mention from experience from myself and my mother- make sure you're slathering yourself in SPF no matter what. I found that my skin was a lot more sensitive to everything, including the sun, while on prednisone.  Plus, sunscreen can never hurt.

Re: Longest acne problem

Hi blush19,


I'm sorry to hear that. Smiley Sad Before you begin trying anything I'd find out from your doctor if there is anything you need to AVOID on your skin- prednisone is a common steroid that many people use and I know some people do need to avoid specific ingredients when taking it.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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