Is my skin regimen enough or too much?
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I recently changed my skin regimen after a few months because I started breaking out again (nothing had changed in my regimen up until then); I replaced a couple of things. I wanted to show what I'm using now and just get some feedback. I'm 36yo with combination skin so I want something to address anti-aging and adult acne that includes blackheads and sometimes a few whiteheads. AM: PTR Glycolic wash, Kate Somerville Toner and Estee Lauder Daywear Advanced oil-free cream with SPF 25. PM: PTR Glycolic wash, Kate Somerville Toner, and then I alternate nights with Alpha Hydrox 12% Glycolic Souffle and Alpha Hydrox Retinol ResQ. Anything you would add or change? Thanks in advance!
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If it's anything it might be the amount of glycolic washes - you're using both day and night and then with a glycolic toner at night as well. Maybe opt for something a little gentler, though still thoroughly cleansing. Though if you're not sensitive I don't think it should be a problem. I get red, patchy dry spots if I overwash my skin which leads to some breakouts - so I try to keep my face clean and the skincare effective without having to load my skin up all the time. 

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