Is it really all that bad to pop pimples? Help, I'm OBSESSED. =[=[

Okay, so I'm on vacay in Long Island for the summer.  I don't know if it's the area or if something is going on with my skin, but I've started breaking out more than usual.  This is bad, because I have a problem.  Everytime I get a pimple, I just HAVE to pop it (once it has a white surface).  I also am obsessed with extracting dirt from my pores.  I don't know if they're little blackheads or what, but I have to push those out too.


The problem is that now that I have these acne scabs, my skin looks really dry in that particular area, and then it makes my foundation look cakey over it.  The foundation kindof brings out the outline of the broken-out areas because they're so dry, even though I use the smashbox photo finish primer. 


Does popping the pimple make it stick around longer, or does it help it go away faster to just get rid of the white stuff?  And does extracting the dirt from my pores increase the pore size??  I have been using some drying paste in a little blue tube by Clean and Clear, but it doesn't seem to help speed up the healing of my zits... it just dries up the skin around it.


It seems like I keep getting zits in the same areas for some reason, and it creates an ugly red, irritated area.  I didn't even break out this much when I was a teenager...


Any product suggestions and/or advice on whether or not it's okay to pop all of my pimples?  It's getting really bad and affecting my foundation. =[  (I prefer natural products, but any product suggestions will be appreciated and taken into consideration)

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One time I popped a pimple, and three more appeared the next day. What the hell?!?! This article is absolutely right, don't ever pop! Trust me, I know how hard it is to avoid popping a pimple or zit sometimes, so it really helps to have a method of avoiding or properly treating blemishes. Along with this article, I loved what I found at this acne site: info is helpful!

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