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In need of a skin clearing cleanser without salicylic acid please!

Does anyone know of a good, preferably organic, cleanser to clear up blemishes and treat scaring? Most of the ones I find have salicylic acid and I am allergic Smiley Sad  Thanks!

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Since you can't use products containing salicylic acid, I would try GoClear's Clarifying AM/PM Cleanser which is a hydrating daily cleanser that eliminates impurities, removes makeup and contains gentle exfoliating granules.  This oil-free lathering gel removes excess dirt, oil, and makeup thoroughly without stripping your skin of its essential moisture.  Its gentle action helps balance and restore hydration (key to preventing breakouts since dry skin car lead to overproduction of sebum) with high-grade nourishing botanicals. Gentle exfoliating granules dissolve to release antioxidants onto your skin. The light, natural fragrance is the product of water-based, aromatic botanical extracts, sans oils and synthetic chemicals. Powerful green and white-tea-derived antioxidants protect against free-radical damage.  You can find out more about it here:

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Good news! Benefit has a new skincare line made without Salicylic Acid! 


Try it!


Hey! I had that problem too. But no worries there is a solution!! I am not a hundred percent sure if they sell this at Sephora, but there's this awesome brand called SKOAH. All their products are 100% natural. If you go check out their website you'll have tons of options. 

Whatever skin type you are, they will match you with the perfect skin system. I've been trying it for around two weeks now and my acne has cleared up and my skin has never felt better!!! I recommend for you to buy the $5 samples first and test it out for at least a week, before purchasing the actual size!


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