I need serious reviews of the Clarisonic!

I have been using the cheap oil of olay copy of the Clarisonic just to see how I like not using my hands ect. I'm interested in the Clarisonic but I'm just not sure about it. Everyone seems to love it but I wonder if after awhile it's like any extra step in skincare...you tend to stop using it. I would also like to know what type of head is most preferred and all the different skincare combos used with it that you like. I have acne prone skin that I would say is slightly a problem but not huge. I want to know if anyone has had long term changes from using it and for those of you who spend time in the sun, does it make you more prone to burning? I just don't need another $150 electronic taking up space in my bathroom that isn't going to get used. Let me know all of what you can on the Clarisonic. Thanks!



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I had a couple of different battery powered facial brushes before I got my Clarisonic years ago and found that they all paled in comparison. They just didn't do a good job, I actually proved it to myself after getting the Clarisonic. I washed my face with the cheap brush then used the Clarisonic after and there was makeup in the Clarisonic bristles that didn't get removed on the first wash- ugh!  So yes, it does work better. I use the Normal brush head, but that varies depending on your skin type. I have oily skin and it's pretty tough, I think if you had sensitive skin or used it more than once a day, you would want a gentler brush, like the sensitive one.  I got the Clarisonic Plus which has the body brush, which I definitely use, especially in winter when I get dry flaky elbows and knees. It's also great for using after you have slathered your whole body with sunscreen (like a day at the beach or outside)- gets it all off and any dirt with it. So that's another reason why I love the Clarisonic.


I have definitely seen improvement in my skin, my pores are smaller and I don't have to use pore cleaning products much at all anymore. I wear a good high SPF sunscreen everyday, so I don't get sunburned anyways, so I haven't noticed more sun sensitivity.


As to whether you will use it long term, that's a question that you can answer based on how well you stick to using other beauty tools. If you are a person who gets new "toys" only to abandon them in the drawer after a month or 2, then you might want to consider if your Clarisonic will be like that. If you incorporate new products into your beauty regime, but then keep using them if you find them effective, then I think you will be fine. I am very fickle about new products, but I have had my Clarisonic for many years and use it every day. 

Good luck!

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