Huge cyst on my chin??
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My skin has been doing good, no breakouts, scars healing, etc, up until like two days ago. I have a HUGE cyst on my chin which I think it because of the at home chemical peels I've been doing (I've done about 3, 30% Glycolic acid).It's like the size of a dime, which probably isn't the size of the actual zit, but when it's swollen/inflammed. Now I also have a cyst forming on my forehead but it's not as big so m not that worried about it. When I first realized the cyst on my chin I put ice on it at 10 minutes intervals several times, which helped, but the swelling came back. I did the same thing yesterday, I put ice on it about 10 times probably and then treated with Benzoyl peroxide spot treatment and went to bed. The swelling deceased DRASTICALLY, but when I woke up, it was even bigger!! What do I do?? It hurts really bad even when I'm moving my mouth. How can I get rid of this? Home remedies? Products? Should I use my Glycolic peel as a spot treatment? I've taken two zinc supplements, a vitamin a. Supplement and an ibuprofen to help with the swelling hopefully. Anything else?
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I have had these before, unfortunately.  I use a raw egg. Not the egg part itself, but the inside membrane of the shell.  Crack a raw egg and discard the part you would normally eat.  Peel off the inside of the shell (it will be a white thin membrane material) and put that on the cyst until it dries.  That should bring it to the surface and you'll be able to squeeze it out and start the healing. I hope it works for you like it does for me. Smiley HappyGood luck!

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I didn't ask the question, but the peeling of the inside of the shell is something I've never heard of! I've read about using egg whites as acne treatment and egg yolks as a hydration mask. I'll keep this in mind if I ever have a huge cyst that doesn't go away. Thanks!
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