Hubby with Acne has tried almost Everything! Help
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My husband has extremely sensitive skin. He breaks out daily (whiteheads mostly with some cystic acne as well) and has tried almost every Benzoyl peroxide product available OTC. He uses a charcoal cleanser in the shower and a gentle cleanser before bed. He's allergic to dairy and limiting his intake has helped but he is still breaking out badly. Any suggestions for what product he can try?

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Look at fragrance triggers in his cleansers.  Perhaps cleansing at night with his charcoal cleanser is enough for him?  If he is extremely sensitive and he's cleansing too much he will become irritated which will worsen the cycle.  Can he do a warm water rinse in the am, followed by a cool water rinse to close up his pores?  Is he doing any type of mask currently?  The Origins charcoal mask is great, and so is Ren's clay mask.  Is he using a light moisturizer to replace anything he's stripping from the face during his cleansing? 


First Aid Beauty is specifically designed for sensitive skin.  The line maybe worth looking at.


Good luck!

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