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How long should it take to see results with the Clarisonic?

So, I got the Clarisonic Mia yesterday and I broke out really bad from using it. I'm hoping that it's just bring the impurities out of my skin, but I think it could be irritating my skin. I have extremely oily and acne prone skin if that helps. Please, I know this product is suppose to be amazing, but I want to know if this product will work for me! 

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I would be surpridsed if the Mia made you break out overnight. Are you using the same cleanser as you normally do?  Other people who have had breakouts after using it for a few days generally reported that they went away after two weeks and that their skin looked better than before they started using it. Like you mentioned, sometimes when you first start using it and it's bringing impurities to the surface, you break out more for a few weeks. If you are still breaking out after a month, I'd say it may be overstimulating your skin and it's not for you!

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