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How long should it take to see results with the Clarisonic?

So, I got the Clarisonic Mia yesterday and I broke out really bad from using it. I'm hoping that it's just bring the impurities out of my skin, but I think it could be irritating my skin. I have extremely oily and acne prone skin if that helps. Please, I know this product is suppose to be amazing, but I want to know if this product will work for me! 

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Maybe you should try using the clarisonic less until your skin gets used to it. It says it is ok to use twice a day, which I did. After a while I started breaking out again. I then started using in only once a day at night and on the gentle setting. I also use the gentle head brush. When I felt like my skin was clearing again and not getting irritated, I started using it twice a day again on the one minute setting. Sometimes over exfoliation can make your skin freak out if it isn't used to it.

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