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Has anyone used the Clarasonic brush or the Nu Brilliance for acne?
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I'm 24 and still breaking out all the time. I have tried EVERYTHING!



Thank you so much! Also Purity... does it have oil in it? I have oily skin and stay away from oil in wash and lotion.

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Ive had the clarisonic for a year now. I stopped using it a while ago because it was actually making me break out. Aside from that, it did make my skin much firmer and I had a healthy glow. But honestly, its not worth breaking out for. Im sure I cant be the only one. And Purity is the WORST...stay away from it if you have sensitive skin. 

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I'm having the same problem! I love how soft it makes my skin feel but I've been breaking out again since I bought it! So not worth it. And you are so right about purity for sensitive skin. Smiley Happy
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You do have to CLEAN the brushes. Not just soap and water try vinegar and water. I don't even have a clarisonic but I am a nurse and work at people's homes with kids so we have to safely disinfect things all the time. White vinegar and water. Gets stuff really clean and is then safe for use on skin.
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