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Hi there!


So I recently purchased the Glam Glow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment in hopes it might help with my severly congested skin that is highly prone to clogging therefore leaving me with under-ground white heads --I don't have the cystic kind of bumps, but I have whiteheads that don't really have a white head on the surface of the skin and are basically skin-toned but once popped, large amounts of white stuff comes out.  Then they fill back up again.  Sorry for the gross details, just tryin' to explain!


Anywhoo, I used this last night for the first time and Immediately afterward my skin felt so smooth, my pores honest to god looked smaller, and the blackheads on my nose vanished (seriously).  But this morning, I woke up to a couple of more, larger bumps that looked like they were begging to be popped.  So I popped (I know, i know...) and a bunch of white stuff came out.  These bumps are in places where I usually get acne, so I wasn't really surprised.


However, my question is whether or not you think this a purging process or a breakout-and-stop-using-immediately scenario.  


Please and thank you!


Baby Bear



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Yeah, sounds like purging. Use for a couple of weeks and see. Under the skin whiteheads are those little bumps that never seem to go away, and the only way to clear them up, for me at least, is to bring them to the surface and after they die, no more bumps. I actually got a sample of GlamGlow a couple weeks ago, it's good and not irritating I think.


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