Frequent Whiteheads
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I get whiteheads very frequently. I have dry skin and so I tend not to be too acne prone, however I feel like I get at least 1 whitehead a week. I do not get blackheads. I am currently using Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion, however that doesn't really help my whiteheads, just my regular acne. If anyone can recommend a method or a product to help me? I feel like it might be because I really don't exfoliate often (once a week?), but I am worried about being too harsh on my dry skin? Thanks. Sorry for length.
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Are you sure that they are white heads and you don't have some thing else going on with your skin?

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@beautylovingirl well they are kind of white, **bleep** heads so I'm not sure what else it could be other than whiteheads?
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I am sorry my last comment got bleeped? I didn't say a bad word? Sorry Smiley Surprised
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Well just because you have these bumps don't mean you have acne because there is also a condition called milla which you can mistake for acne. That's why I asked, but since you chose to post what you did I'll let you figure it out.
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@beautylovinggirl Im so orry I was not trying to come accross rude in my comment at all! I was genuinely curious as to your thought about what it was. I have been struggling to figure out what has been up with my skin. Thank you for your information, I'll do some more reasearch on that. Sorry if I came across rude? I didnt mean to... Smiley Happy
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