I know exfoliating is a must for dead skin cells but how much is too much? Is using a clarisonic everyday with a gentle scrub too much?  I feel like ever since I started using it everyday I've broken out into tiny pimples everywhere...I always had a few spots of my face but now I have them all over...That should I do?

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I dont have a clarisonic but maybe you're overdoing it with exfoliating everyday? Or it could also be something you're using on your face that's irritating your skin and causing you to have these litte bumps. I used to exfoliate my whole face everyday, but ive stopped because it made my face more sensitive than it already is. I still exfoliate my nose area with a facial scrub everyday when i'm doing my night time routine to get rid of these stubborn whiteheads.&` I exfoliate my whole face about every two days, maybe three. I use a mask in between,.  I had hives or tiny bumps all over my face not too long ago,. Felt so terrible because my face felt so rough, some face wash i used would sting those bumps. I used gentle facial wash and used a mask everyday,. It cleared and my face is back to being baby soft about a week later.

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