I know exfoliating is a must for dead skin cells but how much is too much? Is using a clarisonic everyday with a gentle scrub too much?  I feel like ever since I started using it everyday I've broken out into tiny pimples everywhere...I always had a few spots of my face but now I have them all over...That should I do?

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I also want to add that your skin shed's skincells about every 27 days so its not necessary to exfoliate that often. I like to use scrubs when Im on the beach, because I know that Ive been suffocating my skin with a thick layer of sunscreen all day. Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub has been my fave for years, and even though I stray from time to time and have used dozens of other scrubs, this one beats them all!


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You have some pretty good responses already but I'd simply like to add that all in all it's not necessary to exfoliate WITH the clarisonic. Simply cleansing your skin with a mild cleanser using the clarisonic is enough. When it comes to exfoliating try going with a mild one that is formulated to be gentle enough to use on a daily basis. This will prevent dehydration and over-cleansing of the skin. 


A good exfoliating cleanser which is mild on the skin is Clinique's 7 day scrub. You can use this daily but 3 times a week should be just fine.


Hope this helps! 


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1-2 times a week tops.
while you are scrubbing dead skin cells away , if used every day you're damaging the surface of your skin at a microscopic level.
 when you exfoliate, it takes all of the dead skin cells off exposing your pores to the elements, allowing sebum (what causes pimples) to sit in your pores and then turn into pimples causing one huge break out!
take a break from exfoliating for at least a week, use only a gentle cleanser and moisturize !
i'd recomend an acne treatment but i dont really get any!
i hope your skin clears up! 

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Hi =)


  I think using the Clarisonic everyday is bad for your skin, but that's just my opinion. I think it's overstimulating and disturbs your skins natural homeostasis if used too often. You want to treat your skin like a delicate piece of lace and you'll have way fewer wrinkles when you get older. It's just my opinion, but I think it's just a fad. You can cleanse your skin just as effectively wiithout it. If your wearing makeup make sure to cleanse once to remove it all and then cleanse again to remove dirt and debris. I think manual scrubs are fine, just be careful you are choosing an appropriate one. You want to look for exfoliating scrubs with a cream base that contains soothing ingredients and microsphere beads. Please, try to avoid scrubs with particles such as Almond particles, Walnut Particles, harsh salts, as most of the time they are jaggedly cut and will do damage to the skin. As for how often to use these scrubs, it really depends on your skin type; however, I don't think anybody's skin is so rough they can manage to scrub it everyday. I think the maximum anyone should exfoliate is 4 times a week. Start off at two times a week and see how that goes for you. If it seems to not be enough try 3, just don't get too scrub happy. Another way you can incorporate exfoliation into your routine is washing your face with something containing lactic acid or glycolic acid. Peter Thomas Roth makes great cleansers for this purpose. The great thing about using acids is you just let it sit on your face for a few minutes and it will eat the dead skin cells with no scrubbing. As for the bumps, do you wear makeup  on a regular basis? I also have these bumps from time to time and they usually are a sign of clogged pores. Or if you don't wear makeup sometimes they pop up from irritation/ overstimulation, so they could be from using your clarisonic too much, or it could be a vast degree of pollutants finally making their way to the surface which could be a good thing, just make sure to keep exfoliating to get rid of them. It could be any of those three scenarios.

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I dont use a Clarisonic, but I do exfoliate ONCE a week or LESS. I have very sensitive skin and it looks like you do too. When you have a lot of bumps all over, you actually dont want to use anything abrasive that could pop open those pimples and spread bacteria around on your face. So quit using the clarisonic and scrubs for awhile until your skin clears up.

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Hi Barabra,


I have a Clarisonic Mia and I experienced dryness from using it everyday. Try cutting back to 2-3x a week depending on how oily or congested your skin it. Also, remember to clean your brush every week or so with an anti-bacterial face wash. It will keep it free of bacteria that might be causing your acne. Lay it flat to dry (brush facing downward) on a paper towel. 


I like using the Murad Time Release on my brush and also on my face. However, you can use any acne cleanser.


Murad - Time Release Acne Cleanser


<3 Melissa
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It really depends on your skin. Normally scrubs are used 2-3 times a week. When I try everyday, even gentle scrub start to make my face hurt. When I use a peel or things that bring up fresh skin, scrubs hurt sometimes because the skin is too tender.


It sounds like your skin might be irritated because it is too much. Try using clarasonic with a cleanser, or using the clarasonic every other day

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