Effective ways to treat body acne?

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I have really bad body acne. It's not so bad on my face, but it's definitely a problem on my back, my shoulders, my chest, and even my neck. It's getting to the point where it's brought my confidence down so much that I try to avoid anything that shows my back at all - swimsuits, tanktops, strapless dresses. 

I'm already on birth control (I know that's a touchy thing for some people for it's honestly for my acne), I use the Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash, I try not to wear things that are too tight or potentially bad for my skin, and I even put my hair up in the shower when I have conditioner in it. 

Last year, a dermatologist put me on doxycycline - which if you've tried it, you know what a living hell it is. It made my skin so sensitive to the sun that my knuckles burnt when I was outside for fifteen minutes. Also, you can't have dairy like two hours before or after taking it, and you have to wait about thirty minutes after taking it to lay down. It's needless to say that it was too high maintenance, so I stopped taking it. I'm really not comfortable taking Accutane because of all the side effects and whatnot, but I really need to solve this problem. I don't work out at all, and I don't always eat so healthy (I don't have any weight issues as a result of this, thank god, but I honestly have trouble running two blocks or walking up stairs), but I know that's probably factoring into my skin. I'm sixteen years old and I really need to get rid of this. I know what a schpeel this has been, but if anyone has any advice for this or miracle products (not including proactiv and accutane) it's  greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

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I had that issue when I was 16 too, and it's totally common! For some reason, exfoliating scrubs, particularly salt ones, worked for me. I can't point to it being completely scientific, but the scrub really helped sooth my skin, and get rid of dead skin cells. Sephora has some by Bliss and Ole Henricksen you could try. 

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