Does exfoliating make you break out?

I got a sample of Dr.Brandt anti aging lotion for mattifying purposes and ole henriksen new beginning exfoliator. I used the exfoliator twice and dr. brandt everyday since I got it. I really like the dr. brandt because its hydrating, not sure it actually mattifies or helps reduce the oil in my skin. The problem I have is that I broke out with 3 horrible pimples and 1 of them is a huge ingrown that hurts when i touch it. I'm wondering if it was the exfoliator cleaning out my pores or if it was the lotion and I should stop using it.

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It is really hard to tell which product is affecting you adversely if you started using two new ones at the same time.  In the future, try to only introduce one new product at a time, and then wait a few weeks before you introduce another one.

Yes, skin can go through a "purging" period with any new treatment. 


Physical exfoliators (Scrubs) can be hard on your skin if you use them too often.  You might want to look into chemical exfoliation (peels) instead, but this could still cause skin purging.

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